RFK Jr. Advocates for Paper Ballots to Restore Election Integrity


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in a recent opinion piece for the New York Post, argued that the adoption of paper ballots is essential for restoring public faith in the electoral process. He posits that the shift away from electronic voting systems, which have been plagued by security concerns and skepticism, to traditional paper ballots would enhance transparency and trust in election outcomes.

Kennedy's call for paper ballots is rooted in a growing sentiment among voters who question the reliability and security of electronic voting systems. This skepticism was amplified following the 2020 presidential election, where numerous allegations of voting irregularities emerged, despite no substantial evidence of widespread fraud being proven.

By reverting to paper ballots, Kennedy believes the electoral process can be more transparent and verifiable, allowing for physical recounts and reducing the potential for electronic tampering.

Kennedy's push for election reform also aligns with his broader campaign theme of combating entrenched political interests and restoring integrity to American democracy.

Running as an independent candidate under the "We the People" party, Kennedy aims to present a viable alternative to the major parties, which he argues have failed to address fundamental issues within the electoral system.

However, Kennedy's campaign is not without its challenges. He faces significant legal hurdles, including lawsuits aimed at preventing his name from appearing on the ballot in New York. These lawsuits question the validity of his nominating petitions and allege that Kennedy does not meet the residency requirements to run in New York. The plaintiffs argue that Kennedy falsely presented himself as a New Yorker by using an address of a friend in Katonah, while actually residing in Los Angeles.

Despite these obstacles, Kennedy's campaign has demonstrated significant grassroots support. His team submitted over 135,000 signatures to the New York State Board of Elections, far surpassing the 45,000 required. This robust show of support underscores a strong base of voters eager for change and willing to challenge the status quo​​.

Kennedy's advocacy for paper ballots is part of his broader vision to reform the electoral system and restore public confidence in American democracy. As the 2024 presidential race heats up, his proposals and the legal battles he faces will be closely watched by those invested in the integrity and future of U.S. elections.


  1. Good. Democrats will find some excuse to not do it. It’s racist, Republican terrorism, unconstitutional( even it was).


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