Germany Temporarily Renames Gelsenkirchen to “Swiftkirchen” for Taylor Swift Concerts


In a unique tribute to pop sensation Taylor Swift, the German city of Gelsenkirchen has temporarily renamed itself "Swiftkirchen" to celebrate her upcoming concerts. This renaming coincides with Swift's highly anticipated "Eras Tour," which will see her perform at the Veltins-Arena on July 17, 18, and 19, 2024. The city’s transformation into “Swiftkirchen” was marked by the unveiling of a new city sign by a local fan, Aleshanee Westhoff, who spearheaded a petition for the change​.

Gelsenkirchen’s mayor, Karin Welge, expressed excitement over the renaming, stating it adds to the vibrant atmosphere as the city prepares to host thousands of fans. Alongside the new city sign, officials announced additional festivities, including themed street signs and a “Taylor-Swift-Tram” now operating through the city. The festivities will culminate with an open-air party, “Taylor Town,” featuring karaoke and other fan-centered activities​.

Taylor Swift’s concerts in Gelsenkirchen are part of her broader German tour, which includes performances in Hamburg and Munich. The Gelsenkirchen shows are particularly significant as they mark the start of her German leg of the tour. Swift’s tour has generated substantial excitement, with tickets selling out quickly and fans traveling from across Europe to attend​.

In addition to the renaming and festivities, the city has also arranged for Swift to receive a star on Gelsenkirchen's Walk of Fame. This honor places her among local legends such as Schalke football icon Rudi Assauer, highlighting the cultural impact of her visit​.

The concert series is expected to draw significant crowds, with up to 70,000 fans, or "Swifties," attending each show. The events will not only boost local tourism but also highlight Gelsenkirchen as a destination for international visitors. The city's proactive approach in embracing Swift’s visit underscores the global appeal of her music and the cultural influence she wields​​.

As part of the celebration, the city has also planned various surprises for fans, although specific details remain under wraps. This initiative aims to ensure that the experience in “Swiftkirchen” is memorable for all attendees​.

Taylor Swift's European tour has been a monumental success, with her concerts being a highlight for many fans. Her ability to draw massive crowds and create a significant economic impact on the cities she visits underscores her status as a global superstar​.

This temporary renaming and the array of planned activities reflect Gelsenkirchen's enthusiasm and pride in hosting Taylor Swift. The city’s efforts to honor her visit demonstrate the powerful connection between Swift and her fans, further cementing her legacy in the music industry.


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