Factory Workers Raise Health Concerns Over Spicy Snack Seasoning in Australia


In a recent development from the land down under, employees at a snack food factory have raised alarms over health issues they attribute to a particular spicy seasoning. The “Flamin’ Hot” flavor, synonymous with popular snacks like Doritos and Cheetos, has become the center of a workplace safety complaint.

Workers at the Smith’s Snackfood Company factory in Adelaide have reported a series of adverse effects that they believe are linked to the seasoning used in these snacks. According to the United Workers Union (UWU), staff members have experienced sneezing, coughing, eye and skin irritation, and even breathing difficulties.

The UWU has taken action by lodging a formal complaint with the workplace health and safety regulator in South Australia. This move came after the union conducted interviews with staff members who expressed significant safety concerns related to the handling of the spicy substances.

In response to these claims, PepsiCo, the parent company that owns the factory, has stated that it adheres to strict safety procedures when manufacturing products containing the spicy seasoning. They emphasize that staff safety is their top priority and have outlined the measures in place to protect their workers.

To address the concerns raised, PepsiCo has implemented mandatory mask-wearing during the production of the “Flamin’ Hot” seasoned products. Additionally, the company has announced plans to install extra extraction fans at the Adelaide site to improve the working conditions.

Despite these measures, the UWU has reported that out of 13 workers interviewed from an afternoon shift, 11 experienced negative effects from the seasoning. The union described the situation as the seasoning machine dispersing the irritant across the production area every couple of weeks.

The regulatory body, SafeWork SA, has acknowledged receipt of the complaint and is currently considering the matter. This situation highlights the ongoing challenges faced by workers in industries where exposure to potentially irritating substances is part of the job.

As the case unfolds, PepsiCo has expressed its commitment to collaborating with the union to address any further concerns. The wellbeing of factory workers remains a critical issue, and it is imperative that companies continue to evaluate and improve their health and safety protocols to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.