Chicago Residents Send a Strong Message to Democrats Before Biden’s Highly Anticipated Visit


As the nation eagerly awaits President Biden's visit to the Windy City, the residents of Chicago have already made their voices heard. In a recent election, voters in the city delivered a powerful message to the Democratic Party, indicating that they are tired of the status quo and are demanding change.

With a population of over 2.7 million, Chicago is a city that has long been a stronghold for the Democratic Party. However, in the recent mayoral election, residents made a statement by electing the city's first African American female mayor, Lori Lightfoot, over a more established Democratic candidate. This bold move signaled a shift in the city's political landscape and a desire for fresh leadership.

But this was just the beginning. In a recent primary election, Chicago voters again showed their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. Despite being a traditionally Democratic stronghold, the city saw record low turnout in the election, with only 30% of eligible voters casting their ballots.

This significant drop in participation spoke volumes about the frustration and disengagement of Chicagoans with their current political leadership.

In addition to low voter turnout, the election results also sent a clear message to the Democratic Party. Of the few voters who did show up, many chose to vote against the Democratic Party's endorsed candidates, instead opting for more progressive and grassroots candidates. This rejection of establishment politics is a clear indication that the people of Chicago are ready for change and are demanding a new direction.

The city's dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party is further highlighted by the ongoing violence and economic struggles in Chicago. Despite being a major economic and cultural hub, the city continues to face challenges such as high crime rates, income inequality, and lack of affordable housing. These issues have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a sense of frustration and hopelessness among residents.

With President Biden's visit on the horizon, Chicagoans are hoping that their message will be heard loud and clear. They are tired of being taken for granted and are ready for meaningful change. As the President addresses the city's issues, he must listen to the voices of the people and take bold actions to address their concerns.

In the coming days, all eyes will be on Chicago as the President visits the city. But it's not just a mere visit; it's a call for action. The residents of Chicago are sending a powerful message to the Democratic Party and the President, demanding real change and a better future. It is now up to them to listen and take action, as the winds of change sweep through the city of Chicago.

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  1. Well, if they’re counting on JB to bring about the wanted and needed changes, they may be barking up the wrong tree.

  2. Glad those voters are taking a stand. There is so much corruption and hate going on from most Democrats with Biden, it’s not right. It’s left. Policies that is. Funded by Soros, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and other elites. They want to turn America into a Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Authoritarian country. Every decision Biden has signed or encouraged has hurt American citizens. Inflation, open borders, (despite what Biden and Mayorkas claim. Claims are not facts. Lockdowns, Defunding the police, calling people racist and they do not know, weak foreign policies, Mainstream Media lying. Just because Trump’s policies and he is better, doesn’t mean he is a threat to society. Just the opposite. Trump is the one that helped get Vaccine approved in record time, sent a ship with beds, vaccines, masks, doctors, and other supplies to New York. While Cuomo was bragging about his book. Closed travel to and from China. The Republicans, despite Biden’s opinion, are not trying to take Social Security away. He is the one claiming rich people are not paying their fair share. Trump encourages growth in businesses. Earned wages. Not handouts. Biden is the one bribed by other countries. Ukraine, China, Iran. Evidence of bank accounts, emails, phone calls all prove my point. Hunter and Joe indeed no each others business. Add in the DEI, CRT, and Woke indoctrination. Transgender confusion. Man and woman. According to Science and God. Men dressed up as women, or claiming to be a woman. Allowed in Women’s Locker Rooms. Climate confusion. Climate is changing. Daily. But the real threat are the bad Biden Policies. Weakening the electric grid. Pushing the untested EV’s. According to experts, are expensive, batteries are heavier, and not as efficient. Seems that doesn’t matter to the Climate Globalists. Why would that? They always make sure their pocketbooks are full. Everything is a crisis. What happened to Faith over Fear? School choice. Suspending or degrading people because of the wrong pronouns. Whatever. Military was strong under Trump. Under Biden, lost many soldiers because of the forced vaccines, or some other charade. Since Mainstream Media cannot be trusted. The First News and NewsMax are the best. Independent News are the best.,pray in Jesus Name.

  3. Biden’s handlers will have him say to the people of Chicago anything and everything they want to hear and do nothing to help them. They are there to just get the vote.
    So glad they are taking a stand. The political and woke democrats are ruining this country. Everything was so much better under President Trump. Yes he has no filter, but this country was much better off.

  4. Biden as president has got to go he is the worse thing to ever hit the white house. Under him America is suffering. We need a person who loves America and its citizens. Someone who will put America first. Biden never did nor will he ever put America first. I do believe that Biden hates America and the American people.

  5. Republicans. Where are their voices? I want them to stand up to these radical people. Chuck Schumer does not allow other opinions. Then pushes the stupid bill for everyone to vote on. Vote the lifetime policy makers out. Sick of these evil people telling Americans what to do.

  6. Written by a conservative sounding voice

    Sorry, republicans walked away from a blessing of a bipartisan immigration legislation in fact I think all the conservative wishes were included

    I want immigration addressed and am angry at conservatives for licking the orange bootstraps

    You they the republicans do not have this issue going forward. Conservatives walked away as trump demanded immigration remain a campaign issue leaving millions of Americans at risk for his personal gain like always with him

  7. They don’t like money going to someone else and someone who doesn’t belong here. These dems have raped the country. The illegals need to be rounded up and removed from this country. WE spend so much money on schooling for these kids and our kids are being left behind. It’s a joke. I hope this mess blows up in the dems faces. Trump 202 4 Stop the anchor baby crap too.

  8. It’s time for Biden to be removed from office he’s done nothing but screwup everything he touches and not mentally capable of being president

  9. you know Ron you should expand your news sources. You sound like someone that does not really understand politics. perhaps you should not batter fox news and listen to them.


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