Blitz Primary Could Open Up Democratic Race If Biden Drops Out


Despite winning 95% of the delegates in this year's primaries, Biden's recent poor debate performance has led to increased speculation about his viability as the party's nominee. This uncertainty has prompted discussions within the Democratic Party about potential replacements and the mechanics of selecting a new candidate should Biden step down​​.

For Biden to be replaced, he would need to voluntarily decline the nomination. This action would trigger an open nominating process at the Democratic National Convention, an event not seen in decades. Several high-profile Democrats are poised to step in if this scenario unfolds. Vice President Kamala Harris is a leading contender, though her poor approval ratings and lackluster primary performance in 2020 have raised concerns among some party members​​.

Governors Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan are also considered strong candidates. Newsom has been vocal in his support for Biden, touting the administration's accomplishments and urging the party not to abandon the president due to one poor debate performance.

Whitmer's strong electoral track record and appeal in the critical swing state of Michigan make her a formidable option​.

Other potential candidates include Senators Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker, as well as Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina. Klobuchar and Booker both have national profiles from their 2020 presidential runs, while Cooper's success in a GOP-leaning state and his moderate stance could broaden the party's appeal​.

The Democratic National Committee's rules stipulate that a new nominee would be chosen through a vote by the delegates at the convention. These delegates, while initially pledged to Biden, are not legally bound to vote for him if he withdraws. This scenario would also reintroduce "superdelegates" — party leaders and elected officials who could influence the outcome if no candidate wins a majority on the first ballot​.

Biden's potential departure would undoubtedly create a chaotic and unpredictable primary season. The party would need to quickly coalesce around a new candidate who can unite its diverse factions and present a strong challenge to the likely Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump.

As the Democratic Party navigates this unprecedented situation, the stakes are high. The decision to replace Biden could significantly impact the party's chances in the 2024 presidential election and shape the future of its leadership.


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