YouTube Censors Song ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ Says It’s Medical Misinformation

Bryson Gray is a rapper who leans right. He loves America and dislikes what Biden is doing to the country. He’s also very entertaining and knows how to write a good song.

Gray was recently inspired by the growth of the “Let’s Go Brandon” joke. This comes from a recent NASCAR race where crowds were shouting “F*** Joe Biden,” as driver Brandon Brown tried to do an interview.

The reporter lied and said it sounded like the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” In other words, it’s a code way to say you’re not a big fan of Sleepy Joe.

YouTube Pulls Down the Song

Gray’s song was pulled down by YouTube for spreading what it claimed was “medical misinformation.” The song does point out Biden’s promises on vaccines were false, but that’s not exactly “misinformation.” It’s actually a fact.

As Gray said, it’s “crazy” YouTube would feel the need to ban a video for a political point of view they don’t agree with. He’s sent back an appeal asking for the ban to be reviewed, and is urging fans to have “patience.”

However, the damage is already done. We know where YouTube, Twitter and other big tech giants stand. They’re all stuck in their ivory towers in San Francisco and believe in a sheltered world of progressive privilege.

They are obsessed with race and hate their own country. They love people like Biden because they know he is the ticket to ending America’s greatness and ushering in the one-world, gray, faceless system they look forward to so much.

YouTube’s Disgusting Double Standard

Let’s be honest, here. YouTube lets rappers put filth on their channels which I won’t even repeat. This includes songs literally promoting murder, rape, drugs, and more.

Yet, they censor a fun song about political views and opposing vaccine mandates? We are truly living in a very bizarre society. As Gray said, is this “still America?”

He has a point. If we lose the foundational principles that make us a country, the globalists are only going to keep hollowing us out. The song is already at fourth place on iTunes anyway, so YouTube is too late to stop the momentum.

What they do want to do is control their monopoly and control speech so people only say the things and points of view they agree with.


The Bottom Line

In the dictatorial Soviet Union, joking about powerful people in the Communist Party led to censorship and eventually arrest. America is literally becoming like the Soviet Union. We live in a country where jokes are now illegal.

My only advice is to double down, start saying “Let’s Go Brandon” even more, and keep sharing songs like Gray’s on any sites possible other than YouTube. “Let’s Go Brandon!”