YouTube Censors President Trump’s CPAC Speech Live on Air

President Trump gave a rip roaring speech over the weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas.

However, the hosts of the event the American Conservative Union (ACU) ran into a nasty problem when they tried to let people watch our former President speak. 

YouTube deleted their livestream and video. The ACU responded by uploading the video later; however, YouTube then deleted that. 

Now the ACU’s YouTube account is suspended for seven days, according to YouTube. This is due to a previous suspension on Friday for putting up a video where Trump talks about his pending lawsuit against Google, YouTube and Big Tech.

Does anyone else see a problem here?

‘YouTube Censored CPAC’

ACU chief Matt Schlapp says that “YouTube censored CPAC” due to them giving a platform for his comments against big tech. 

This is a blatant conflict of interest. Of course, what can you do when the other player holds all the cards?

One move is to simply walk away from the game; this is what conservatives have aimed to do with leaving Twitter for Gab, Parler and other platforms. 

As for video streaming, we’ve certainly seen a growth in BitChute and other sites; however, the all-out alternative to YouTube has yet to be developed, to my knowledge. 

This should be a wake-up call for everyone who doesn’t want to live in a Soviet-style closed system where speech is policed by pink-haired Marxist freaks in San Francisco. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Big Tech has a dangerous monopoly on free expression in this country. They are successfully making conservatives and others self-censor to avoid bans and suspensions. 

Those who don’t conform to the stupid ideas and lies of these leftist bullies? Wiped out. This CPAC suspension wasn’t about stopping Trump’s speech from being seen. It’s already all over, including places like PBS. 

The point of YouTube shutting down CPAC’s livestream, deleting its upload, and suspending its account was just intimidation and bullying. 

They want to make conservatives and everyone right of Mao Zedong start feeling fear. They want us to live in a Stalinist police state and they’re slowly turning up the temperature on the water as the frog begins to boil. 

The Biden regime came in under the disguise of being against Trump, building on the lies that the liberal media and politicians had shoved down people’s throats for years. 

As Donald Trump Jr. said in his speech at CPAC: the liberals are “lying to you about everything.”

He’s 100% correct. 

For those who haven’t yet realized, it’s almost getting too late: we are genuinely facing a threat to freedom and a dangerous liberal regime that wants to lie us into their evil New World Order.