Worldwide Freedom Rally Draws Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters into the Streets Against COVID Fascism

Hundreds of thousands of people were out on the streets this weekend in countries around the world, protesting COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates.

This included over 200 different cities around the world from New York to Melbourne. Protesters spoke out against mandatory vaccination, vaccination of minor children, vaccine passports, mask mandates, and COVID shutdowns.

Many carried signs and listened to various pro-freedom speakers as the Worldwide Rally for Freedom took place.

Where Did Protests Take Place?

Huge protests took place in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina, Scotland, Australia, Denmark, Lebanon; they happened in New Zealand, Uruguay, England, France, Germany, Israel, and many more places.

Canada has also been at the forefront of a large trucker strike, with truckers refusing to show proof of vaccination to cross the US border.

The supply chain now hangs in the balance, as Canadian truckers travel the country in freedom convoys, cheered on by the remaining patriots in Canada.

Video from these rallies shows people cheering as they listen to pro-freedom speakers like Canadian anti-lockdown politician Max Bernier.

People who’ve lost their jobs for not having the experimental shot said they had to come to speak out against the “ridiculous” COVID restrictions and rules.

The Answer to 1984 is 1776!

Over and over again, the lessons of history have to be relearned.

Those who sensed from the beginning that something was off about the COVID narrative are now being joined by millions of more silent supporters and active protesters who recognize they were also duped.

Here in the United States, the lies of Anthony Fauci almost succeeded in shutting our whole country down.

We can only thank God and brave patriots that some freedom remained. While Europe and Canada plunged into darkness, states like Florida and Texas stayed open for business.

They stood up for freedom and helped keep us immune to the lies of Fauci and Biden. Their lockdowns and mandatory vaccines don’t have any proof of saving lives at this point.

If you want to believe White House press secretary Jen Psaki that the unvaccinated have a 20 times higher chance of ending up hospitalized from COVID, go ahead.

The hard data shows this claim is extremely unreliable and not actually true at all.

The most vaccinated countries in the world are currently undergoing huge and serious waves of COVID.

This includes Israel, which now leads the world in COVID cases and whose hospitals are full of vaccinated and seriously ill people.

The Bottom Line

It’s good to see Americans, Canadians and Europeans start to wake up. Once freedom is taken away, it’s very hard to get back.

If we can cling on to what’s left and stop accepting the propaganda of the globalist regime, we have a chance to still live in countries that are worth fighting for.

The next Worldwide Freedom Rally is scheduled for March 19. See you there.