World Health Organization Sides With Libs on the Gender Subject

"Female and male hormonal balance concept image" by Marco Verch Professional Photographer

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in science, you’ll be delighted to hear the WHO made a once-in-a-century breakthrough; they’ve finally figured out the exact number of sexes…and it isn’t two.

Namely, the WHO announced they’ll be updating their gender-related manual with all the data provided by modern studies.

One of them was even conducted by the WHO themselves; at least it’s what everyone assumes, considering they went out and said male and female aren’t the full spectra.

“Logo of the World Health Organization” by United States Mission Geneva

Basic biology obsoleted once again

This radical discovery is sure to make it into history books.

Although there may be one final hurdle to cross, that being providing actual proof that biology just isn’t the same as it was hundreds of years ago.

Unfortunately for the WHO, and the gender identity crowd that pioneered the notion, there’s no real science behind these claims. The entire charade is more of a political take than it is a scientific one.

The manual that’s to be updated will now finally recognize the “burning issue” of gender inequality in the health department.

This will pair it up with dozens of other liberal buzzwords, such as ageism, racism, and ableism, all for the sake of pleasing the left-leaning crowd.

Originally released in 2011, this will be one of many changes the WHO made to their manual, albeit the majority of them were made with actual science supporting their claims.

Canceling centuries of medical knowledge to pander to the left

As stated in their press release, the World Health Organization is looking to transcend binary approaches to gender.

Their final goal is promoting the concept that sex isn’t limited to just male and female, which may receive pushback from anyone who’s got a basic understanding of biology.

What’s more, they’ll be including new frameworks and tools to support these upcoming changes that are set to benefit a community that makes up barely 0.007% of the total US population.

At this point, it’s perfectly valid to question the left’s motives and ideals. We’ve seen them go above and beyond for this minority group that’s not even remotely discriminated against as much as others are.

However, the WHO isn’t alone in their absurd beliefs.

They’re supported by a handful of other health organizations, including the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health, which is also adamant about claiming that gender is but a social construct.

If you’re brave enough to even utter anything resembling a notion that only men and women are born into this world, expect a mob bearing pitchforks and torches at your door in the near future.

At the very least, expect your socials to be hacked and canceled.

If anything, the WHO is actually kind of late to the party. Texas Democrats already reached the exact number of biological sexes, that being six. Although they too failed to provide any conclusive data for how they came to that conclusion.