Woman’s Crazy Plan To Avoid Eviction Backfires Badly

America has a housing crisis. Almost a quarter of all renters are paying out 50% or more of their money for rent. The result is a lot of evictions and a growing homelessness crisis.

One Massachusetts woman came up with what she thought would be the perfect way to stop police when they came to take her from her apartment.

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Rorie Woods, 55, of Springfield, Massachusetts decided she wasn’t going to go along with her eviction order; so she came up with a plan.

She dressed in a beekeeper suit and unleashed a massive swarm of bees on the deputies when they tried to evict her. Yes, seriously.

What Happened?

Woods was ordered to be evicted for defaulting too many times on rent. She didn’t comply. Eventually, the police from Hampden County showed up at her door with eviction order and the right to physically remove her from the residence.

This is when Wood released a swarm of bees on the officers, which began going into a frenzy and stinging and attacking.

It seems this queen bee was doing everything she could to defend her hive, even if it meant unleashing an angry army of pollinators on some cops. This didn’t exactly work out the way she had hoped, however.

Because every action has consequences, it was no different for Woods; she’s been charged with multiple counts of assault for the bee-witching plan.

At this time, she’s been released pending trial and pleaded not guilty. Woods says she and other residents were being illegally evicted and she was just trying to avoid becoming homeless.

She allegedly expressed happiness when one of the officers said he was allergic, so a conviction seems likely here.

Woods Protests Innocence

According to Woods and her lawyer, she has money and was planning to pay. Based on the official report, on the morning of October 12, deputies headed to Woods’ residence to evict her.

Yet, when they arrived, Woods went to a trailer full of beehives while dressed in her beekeeper suit. She then let the little guys fly, shaking out the hives as officers tried to stop her.

Officer Suffers Allergy

The deputies got stung multiple times; one had to receive immediate attention, due to an allergy he has to bee stings.

Woods herself was cuffed and taken to the station where she was charged. She expressed happiness at one of the officers being allergic, as I previously noted.

Sheriff Nick Cocchi said the consequences of this case could have been much worse if the allergy hadn’t been responded to immediately and treated.

Chief Sheriff Robert Hoffman said police were just doing their jobs and this sort of attack is uncalled for. You could even say it’s an a-bee-mination!

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.