Woman Officially Dies from COVID Vaccine, Twitter Bans Her Obituary

The COVID vaccine is safe for the vast majority of those who take it and protects people from the worst effects of the virus. Can you count how many times you’ve heard that from Biden, Fauci, and the establishment media?

It’s practically become a brainwashing slogan by now. Sadly, however, the truth is far different.

The Truth About the Miracle Drug

The truth about the COVID shots is they’re a very new treatment that’s still being studied as we speak. We have no long term studies about what they’ll do. What we do know is they’re certainly not as safe or effective as we were told by our “superiors.”

Originally, we were told the vaccine would stop people from getting and spreading COVID, lead to herd immunity, and result in restrictions being lifted. Now we’re being told until every last person gets it, society will remain a fascist nightmare.

The fact is the COVID vaccine is most certainly not safe for everyone; an alarming and growing number of serious and deadly side effects are being reported.

The number of people being hospitalized who are fully vaccinated is also continuing to grow. One of those who tragically had an awful reaction to the COVID vaccine was 37-year-old Jessica Wilson of Seattle. May she rest in peace.

What Happened to Wilson?

Wilson died about one month ago in Seattle. She was a healthy mom and wife who had no health issues, but died shortly after getting her shot from a condition called VITT. VITT stands for Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia, which are severe blood clots that can form after the COVID vaccines.

As a human resources administrator, Wilson was forced to get the vaccine, even though she didn’t want it. Now her two kids have no mom and her husband is without his beloved wife.

Big Tech Censors Wilson’s Tragic Death

In Wilson’s obituary, relative Kelly Bee wrote that Wilson died from VITT, which is a fact confirmed by Washington state health authorities. Twitter, however, didn’t like the sound of this and flagged Bee’s online post as misinformation.

They also shadowbanned footage of her actual memorial service. Furious about Twitter’s “BS,” Bee rallied people around the incident and Twitter removed their label of the tweet as being deceiving.

Members of Congress, including Chip Roy and Senator Ron Johnson, stood up for Wilson’s memory, demanding Twitter stop its garbage censorship.

The truth is that Jessica Wilson’s life mattered. She was a loving mom and devoted wife who worked hard and had two daughters who loved her dearly. She took a vaccine she didn’t want in order to keep her job and her involvement in her kids’ lives at school.

Then, she died. Those are the facts. If big tech doesn’t like that, it can go to hell. Rest in peace, Jessica.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” -John 8:32