Woke Top General Mark Milley Caught Red Handed Collaborating with Communist China

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley is a traitor. He’s educated in the Ivy League and seems to have absorbed more from the leftist professors than he ever did in combat.

He worked for four years to undermine and betray his boss, President Trump. Then, he capped it off with a bizarre rant about how “white rage” is the main danger we need to understand in America.

Now, Milley is a good little servant of the Biden regime, advancing their failed foreign policy worldwide. The latest uproar on Milley, however, comes from treasonous actions he took under President Trump to directly undermine Trump’s executive authority.

Milley Went Behind Trump’s Back to Befriend China

In new revelations from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa in their new book “Peril,” it’s reported that Milley called to tell the Chinese Trump wouldn’t attack them. The book also talks about Milley’s attempts to undermine Trump’s authority on hitting China.

Trump and top conservatives are going hard after Milley, and we all should be. In fact, he should most definitely be investigated for possible treason against the United States.

Milley has said before that China is not our enemy; he also worked behind President Trump’s back to reassure a dangerous communist state that went on to launch a deadly pandemic on the world and crash our economy.

His calls were not authorized. He went on backchannels to a mass-murdering communist regime. It doesn’t get much worse than this, folks. This academic military man needs to be investigated fully.

Biden Regime Responds with Strong Defense of Milley

Anyone who’s been watching Biden and his cronies can already predict how they are responding to these new revelations about Milley. They are doubling down on defending him, with professional liar Jen Psaki even saying Milley is defined by his “honor” and that Biden has “great confidence” in everything Milley does.

Neocon globalist John Bolton, who was fired by Trump for his own betrayals and insubordination to POTUS, also defended Milley. As you can see, it’s the usual rag-tag crew of losers coming out to back up this failure of a man.

Why Did Milley Call?

Milley’s two backchannel calls were made to General Li Zuocheng of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). He called Zuocheng because China was worried America was going to hit them.

Milley called to say the US would never hit by surprise to make sure China didn’t get spooked. In other words, he took away our military edge, in the event that Trump needed to take swift action against China in the South China Sea or elsewhere to protect our allies and interests.

The liberals can dress this up any way they want. Milley undermined Trump and reassured our enemy.