Woke Stupidity at 30,000 Feet

President Trump has a great saying about the radical left and their woke ideology; he says if you go woke, you “go broke.” British Airways is set to find their profits falling after failing to learn the lesson.

The latest thing they do on their flights will have you laughing out loud. These politically correct Queen-worshipers no longer say “ladies and gentlemen” on their flights because it is considered insensitive to those who don’t “identify” as a man or woman.

The airline says it wants to respect “diversity” by using language that doesn’t refer to any specific gender. How inspiring.

Making Passengers Feel Welcome

As we deal with ongoing COVID restrictions, vaccine and mask mandates, constant COVID tests, and airport staff strikes due to tyrannical vaccine rules, British Airways just wants to focus on making people feel nice.

They said part of making sure everyone onboard feels “welcome” is not referring to them with language that indicates gender. People working for the airline who do use the language will be disciplined and warned not to use it anymore.

Pilots won’t be using it in announcements anymore. Is this supposed to be inspiring or something? What about if the new gender neutral way of speaking makes passengers who believe in two genders feel unwelcome? Do they not matter?

A History of Stupidity

More and more, we see the institutions we’re supposed to trust embrace ideas that are completely idiotic. The CDC, the government, airlines, large companies have almost all gotten completely onboard with the idea your genitals don’t define your gender and the idea of men and women is outdated.

Yet, these are also the people telling us to wear masks, get vaccines, stay in our houses, and “trust science.” How does that work exactly? Sure, people can believe they are whatever gender they want.

However, changing it in our official social and professional settings is something completely different and much more disturbing. The first to get onboard with gender neutral announcements was Air Canada several years ago.

You know Canada is always first in line when it comes to demonstrating sensitivity and policing language. It’s no wonder Canada is now behind a virtual Berlin Wall with one of the world’s strictest vaccine mandates coming down for all citizens and foreigners in two weeks.

Does Anybody Care?

To tell the truth, most people don’t care that much about whether airlines use “ladies and gentlemen.” They care about whether the food is any good, whether staff are helpful, and whether deplaning and boarding doesn’t take forever.

The reason this matters, though, is it shows how politically correct Western societies are getting. This has simply gone way too far; if we don’t sound the alarm, we’ll end up in a bizarre trans-human society.

It’s also ironic that British Airways ended their drink service onboard recently and now they are so concerned about respecting “non-binary” people. Could it be they’re trying to substitute being woke for providing basic services and courtesy onboard flights?