Woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Makes Surprise Announcement

The pullout from Afghanistan last summer was an absolute disaster. Nobody would disagree with that, apart from Joe Biden and some in his woke regime.

Not only did he abandon thousands of Americans and Afghan allies behind enemy lines, but Biden also sacrificed 13 of our brave troops guarding Kabul airport.

Despite having been warned by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the Afghan Air Force would not survive and be able to fend off the Taliban, Biden pulled US troops out rapidly, surrendering the US presence at Bagram and leaving retreating troops and people undefended.

Now, his woke Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, is going to hand out awards to everyone who took part in the evacuation, including troops back home who helped out Afghan allies.

Recognizing our troops and their bravery? Sounds good to me, but there’s a twist.

Politicized Praise

The Meritorious Unit Commendation will go to everyone involved in the exit from Afghanistan and those who helped support refugees and allies.

It is a service ribbon that goes to those who have given “outstanding service” during wartime on behalf of the United States.

Nobody would argue our troops don’t deserve this commendation. They most certainly do. What’s disturbing is how Lloyd is using praise of our troops as a smokescreen for whitewashing Biden’s failure.

While praising our men and women in uniform and saying the “thanks of the nation” goes to all who took part, Austin’s broader point is clear: the mission was a success.

Was it really? Afghanistan literally fell to the Taliban in three days and is back under medieval rulership. The pullout was chaos with people clinging to airplanes and falling to their deaths.

There’s no doubt our troops were brave, but Austin trying to repackage the exit as a success is disrespectful to those who participated!

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is our troops did their utmost to succeed and help people survive under incoherent and incomplete orders.

They were doing their best to react in a situation they were placed in by Biden and his henchmen that wasn’t planned out properly. Yes, not everything bad was foreseen, including the ISIS-K attack that took 13 lives.

However, the Taliban resurgence which had been warned about could have been foreseen and was. The collapse of the Afghan Air Force and, subsequently, the US-backed government was also foreseen and ignored by Biden.

Our troops deserve this commendation and many more for their service, but they deserve it despite Biden and Austin. These men do not have the right to claim any credit for the bravery of our troops.

The Bottom Line

There’s no such thing as too much respect and recognition for our troops. It’s just a shame it has to come from this incompetent and dangerous Biden regime.