Woke Scooby-Doo Adult Reboot ‘Velma’ Rich in Nudity, Drugs, LGBT Agenda

The new adult cartoon TV series “Velma,” a reboot of Scooby-Doo, has turned out to be a heavily woke disgraceful production.

It is ridden with the promotion of the LGBT agenda, sexual and nude scenes, and violence; now, highly negative reviews have been pouring in.

Scooby-Doo Report’s Got It ‘All’ (But Scooby)

“Velma” – named after one of the main characters, Velma Dinkley, is an adult cartoon prequel.

It is a prequel of the beloved child animated series by Hanna-Barbera that first aired in 1969 about Scooby, the talking dog who solves mysteries, and his human friends.

Produced by HBO Max, “Velma” has a TV-MA rating. It features gore, profanity, nudity, sex, violence, and intense scenes, IMDB shows – never mind that the main human characters are 15-year-old high school students.

In the adult cartoon series, Velma Dinkley is voiced by actress Mindy Kaling, The Blaze noted in a report that looked at various reviews.

A report by The Chicago Sun-Times pointed out the Scooby-Doo reboot has a diverse cast besides Velma, who is “South Asian and gay” – it also features Daphne as an Asian girl whose parents are lesbian cops, while Norville is black.

Another review by The Guardian noted in the series, Velma gives “vanilla villain” Fred a copy of The Feminine Mystique, which causes his “awakening” and leads him to be obsessed “with the gender pay gap.”

In another bizarre, but probably less outrageous, development, the series actually has no Scooby-Doo Great Dane character.

A review of the first episode of Velma by The Wrap recounted how it started with a high school girl’s murder showing her oozing corpse and brain cut out.

A review by Polygon points out the very first scenes in which cockroaches are having sex before advancing to show a locker room full of nude girls. 

The report describes that as one of the numerous cases in which the premiere episodes use “nudity to cynically gain” the attention of the viewers. 

Negative Reviews ‘Already Obliterating’ Woke Velma 

A highly obnoxious woke agenda seems to permeate the HBO Max show’s entire fabric. 

Thus, in its report on “Velma,” Collider stresses that Velma and Daphne kiss; the latter is a drug dealer who seeks and comes up with a moral justification for her drug-dealing activity. 

In the couple’s conversation on drug dealing, Velma says, according to TV, minorities are only shown dealing “drugs to escape poverty.” 

As the adult cartoon series reboot of Scooby has emerged as yet another formerly popular production utterly marred by wokeness and LGBT agenda promotion, it seems to have shocked audiences.

The Velma series thus sports a rating of only 1.8 out of 10 points on the International Movie Database (IMDB). The report emphasized Velma’s ratings were “obliterated by negative reviews” immediately after its release. 

On the Rotten Tomatoes review site, Velma has a score of 53% from critics, which typically stands for mixed reviews – however, its rating by the audience stands at an “atrocious 7%.” 

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.