Woke Researchers Call For Redaction of the Term “Morbidly Obese“

"Sticker shock at the state fair can get you down." by Steve Baker

Much to the dismay of the US Health Department, the left-leaning crowd decided to cancel the term “morbidly obese.”

This is used to refer to the fattest category of people, with leftists adding that unsuccessful diets shouldn’t be called “failures.”

The wokesters have done it again folks. Now, they’re trying to overwrite a century’s worth of medicinal textbooks just to please a bunch of overweight people who couldn’t handle being told the truth.

“Obesity runs rampant in Indiana.” by Steve Baker

Unsuccessful diets aren’t failures; they’re happy accidents now

Although no specific suggestions have been made for the word to replace “morbid,” some proposed those persons be referred to as “severely obese” instead.

This isn’t much of a change and is more about semantics. Critics slammed the proposal, pointing out the leading obesity journal in the country refers to the state as “morbidly obese”

It has done so for nearly a century, given that it’s a medical term referring to a patient’s life being endangered by their weight.

However, those that feed into the woke propaganda argued language has to be “less stigmatizing,” and words can actually hurt people.

This is redacting the age-old “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” ideology.

The president of the Obesity Action Coalition, Joe Nadglowski, urged expressions like the aforementioned one not apply to people living with obesity, effectively describing them as the largest snowflakes this planet’s ever seen.

Medical terminology dubbed offensive by woke crowd yet again!

However, this isn’t even the most absurd call for change when it comes to obesity terminology.

It was only last month when researchers found the word “obese” is racist in and of itself, and should be replaced with “large-bodied person.”

The “research” was done on an approximate 3,000 academic papers on bariatric surgery, finding 2.4% of the papers contained the word “fail” when referring to unsuccessful diets, whereas 16.8% used the term “morbidly obese.”

The rest of the information was obtained by phone. The company tasked with doing the research quizzed some overweight persons on how that language made them feel, with some of them claiming it “left them in tears.”

The author behind the report, Richard Welbourn, claims all healthcare professionals should be considerate of their patients when choosing what language to use, especially when talking about obesity, be it with colleagues or patients.

There hasn’t been much of a voice of reason to stop this nonsense. Aside from a couple of analysts, very few were brave enough to step up and say how they really feel about the change.

Christopher Snowdon from the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Thinktank, is one such free thinker.

He was baffled by the idea “morbidly obese” is an offensive or racist terminology, adding it’s called that because persons with a BMI of over 35 are at a greater risk of death than others.