With No One Left to Blame, Trump Turns on the Jews?!

With Trump’s pockets becoming more shallow with every passing minute, the former president has turned to find a new scapegoat; the Jews that proved their lack of loyalty will be easy pickings.

Earlier this week, Time Magazine named Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the Person of the Year for 2022. Many have started arguing the publication should also feature a “Loser of the Year” segment.

Trump and Kanye had a lot in common, antisemitic opinions just got added to the list

If the left got their way, this title would go to none other than Trump himself, based on his final actions in office that got him impeached. He supposedly blackmailed Zelensky into digging up dirt on his political opponent, Joe Biden.

Aside from his current campaign being under threat of becoming a major flop, the list of grievances only continues to grow, especially now that Time honored the world leader that humiliated his close friend, Vladimir Putin.

Despite all of this, Trump was adamant in his claims that the war in Ukraine never would have broken out if he was president. This is up for contention, considering his close relationship with the current Russian president.

Nevertheless, the former president managed to leave a trail of anti-Semitic comments, including those directed at the Ukrainian president and the men who led his impeachment, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

Who’s Nick Fuentes?

Even though he named both of the Democratic congressmen, Trump seems to have singled out Schiff, who he claimed to be “shifty.”

After the comments he’d directed at Schiff, he continued his accusation of the Jews who showed disloyalty to his cause, and in turn, supposedly betrayed Israel as well.

Considering what the former president had done for Israel, he thinks it makes sense for him to expect some sort of respect from its people and not for them to vote against him.

Unfortunately, this trust was crumbled last month when he was spotted having dinner with Kanye West and a close associate of his who is widely considered to be a Nazi sympathizer.

The man in question is Nick Fuentes, an avid Holocaust denier who arrived at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, alongside the famous rapper.

Much to the dismay of his Jewish supporters, Trump didn’t throw either of the two out. However, the former president did claim that he simply didn’t know who Fuentes was, just like he said he didn’t know David Duke.

The latter is a known KKK leader who actually endorsed the president not once, but twice, making his defense that much more implausible.

Trump has gotten mixed up with a lot of shady figures. Now, it’s up to him to clear his name; albeit he won’t do it by following in Kanye’s footsteps.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.