Will the Woke Losers Wake Up After Landslide Loss in Virginia?

The Virginia election on Tuesday was a story of David vs. Goliath. On the one side, you had the deeply embedded Democrat Party headed by current Governor Ralph Northam and backed by Obama, Biden, Kamala Harris, and the whole Democrat Party.

They wanted Clinton buddy and fantastically incompetent stooge Terry McAuliffe to get in as their new figurehead after Northam.

On the other side, you had Glenn Youngkin, an idealistic Republican who believes in our Constitution and wanted to safeguard what little of our liberties are still left under the Biden regime.

Youngkin won, and he won big. It was due, in no small part, to a strong rejection of woke ideas and woke culture by Virginia voters. The question now is: have Democrats learned their lesson? Or will they keep pushing woke hate on Americans?

Here’s the Dilemma

The dilemma here is the following: woke ideas are extremely harmful to people, families, and societies. They are tearing America apart.

At the same time, the more the Democrats stick to these ideas as they did in Virginia, the more they are going to lose elections and slide into the garbage bin of history where they belong.

So, on the one hand, we all want the woke crap to stop; at the same time, we can’t help but look in amazement and some happiness as the left destroys itself by trying to turn children transgender and tell us that crack addicts just need free crack to be happy.

If any Democrats really want to win, however – and some definitely do – they will look at Virginia and think twice.

What Happened in Virginia?

Basically, what happened in Virginia is Youngkin won by pointing out Democrats want to force woke critical race theory on kids in school. These ideas teach that white people are evil and that America is evil.

You can spin it any way you want, but that’s the core principle of critical race theory. It teaches that our skin color defines us, and spits in the face of civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr.

Youngkin pointed out parents want control of their kids and in return, parents and voters responded by saying he was 100% correct.

On the other side, McAuliffe lied and said CRT isn’t taught in Virginia schools. He went on about his ideas of gun-grabbing, high-spending, and reckless taxing. People simply said no. Nobody wants a Clinton clone making a bigger mess of Virginia.

The Bottom Line

The Democrats should learn from Virginia, but here’s why they won’t: the party is chained by its far-left base of voters who have completely drunk the CRT, woke Kool Aid. From Biden on down, they repeat the woke script.

Voters will keep leaving the more they do, and ultimately that’s good news for conservatives. Carry on, Democrats.