Why Wokeism Won’t Last

The woke ideology emerged out of 1960s critical race theory and counterculture. It worked its way through universities, gestating into a fully-fledged program of indoctrination.

The ideas of the woke, far-left cultural sphere have now exerted an impressive and dominant influence on many cultural institutions, politics, media, and even our educational system.

The essential basis of wokeism is simple: to make supposed economic, political and social progress by questioning and problematizing the ideas and people in power.

This will allegedly uncover and uproot their unjust oppression and persecution of minorities and those who are unfairly stigmatized.

Here’s the problem: the woke cult is childish and illogical. It relies on bullying and fanciful hate of all authority, apart from subjective individual experience.

It problematizes everything and makes intersectional idiocy the basis of every judgment and observation, even issues that don’t involve any form of unjust power hierarchies.

This, at the base, is why wokeism is destined to fall, and much sooner than many realize.

Why Wokeism’s Days Are Numbered

The reason wokeism doesn’t have a long shelf life ahead of it is actually fairly simple: it can’t keep its own base unified.

There are plenty of centrists who were willing to sign up for gay marriage or basic ideas of liberalization of society and individual expression and rights.

However, once the far left started pushing abortion up until the moment of birth, childhood transgenderism, drugs all over the streets, and inciting violence against white people and conservatives, that enthusiasm disappeared.

It’s fine to feel strongly about something, but it’s not fine to incite violence and spread radical, race-obsessed ideas about society that poison our national union and ability to be a strong country.

That’s why so many former Democratic voters, including people like Elon Musk, are turning off from their former party and planning to vote GOP in the upcoming midterms.

Put simply, they’ve had enough of the hate and demands for compliance.

The Central Hypocrisy of the Woke Cult

The central hypocrisy of the woke cult is what’s called a liar’s paradox. It essentially rests on the idea that a liar can’t be trusted or respected, but in this one case, they are telling you the truth.

For example, if I were to say all Chicagoans are liars, including the Chicagoan telling you that, why would you trust a liar to tell you that others are liars?

Why would mostly white, upper-middle-class men be trusted for telling you that there’s something systemically evil and flawed about white upper-middle-class men?

Why would you believe someone who, if right, is inherently flawed and ill-intentioned?

The Bottom Line

Wokeism is built on self-hate and that’s why it will fall. People have had enough of ideologies that are built on constant critique and tearing down with nothing to actually build up.

Especially in these strange times, folks want solutions and action, not whining and victimology.