Why is There No Vaccine Mandate for Illegal Immigrants?

Here’s how to tell when White House press secretary Jen Psaki is lying: her lips are moving. Biden’s press secretary recently showed her ability to be a massive hypocrite and liar.

Psaki did this when asked why illegal immigrants coming into the US aren’t required to get COVID shots.

Here’s what Psaki said…

Psaki’s Lies

Psaki answered the question on why illegals don’t have to get shots by lying about COVID vaccine mandates. She claimed it’s actually being done to “empower businesses” and “protect” their employees.

This is absurd; many Americans are already having to reconsider their work, due to the sudden requirement of weekly testing or getting the shots. That’s not to mention federal workers and contractors who now must get the vaccine no matter what.

Although, related to this specific topic and question to Psaki: why do businesses with over 100 people have to get vaxxed, but not big crowds of 500 illegal immigrants?

Psaki simply said that Peter Doocy of Fox News was “correct” that migrants don’t have to get vaccinated. Then, she immediately turned to take a different reporters’ question from the slavish mainstream media.

This administration is so dirty and corrupt they treat journalists who ask real questions like they have the plague.

Asking Psaki About Holding China Accountable

Doocy also asked Psaki what more is being done to find out how COVID started and to hold China accountable. Psaki said the Biden government wants to have higher-level talks between Biden and Xi Jinping one-on-one.

The White House press secretary also declared that they support the World Health Organization’s investigation into COVID and how it started in China.

As we all know, the WHO is in China’s pocket and even fails to stand up for Taiwan’s sovereignty, due to how bought off it is by the Chinese Communist Party.

As always, the answer of the Biden regime is to shift responsibility and dodge actually doing anything. On every single issue, they say someone else is taking care of it and then let the rest of us get abused on the international stage by their ignorance.

The Biden presidency is a stain on this nation’s honor.

‘Protecting the Vaccinated’

VP Kamala Harris, who is another horror show clown in this administration, recently said the mandate is necessary to start “protecting the vaccinated.”

Why would you have to protect people who are immunized against a disease? We are truly living in upside-down world.

The fact of the matter is not that illegal immigrants should get the vaccines because they stop the spread of COVID; they should get the vaccines if we all have to get them.

More importantly, however, illegals shouldn’t be streaming across our southern border in the first place. Cartels shouldn’t be getting rich off of humans and drug smuggling at America’s expense.