Why is the Left So Against the Trucker Freedom Convoy?

Canada’s Trucker Freedom Convoy has inspired the world. Thousands of truckers started in the west of the country and drove until they reached the capital of Ottawa.

They’re still there; they say they’re not going anywhere until Canadian leader Justin Trudeau cancels his vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions.

They say their purpose is to stand up for freedom, small business rights, and a return to normal. Yet, all over the world, we see members of the left turning against the truckers.

Isn’t the left supposed to stand up for the working class? Well, here’s what’s really happening…

Why the Left is Against the Truckers

Let’s be clear: in Canada, the truckers come from a variety of political backgrounds. They aren’t necessarily all from Canada’s conservative or libertarian side. Some are leftists. Some are completely apolitical, but they all share one strong belief: freedom.

However, in the United States, we’ve seen much of our left turn against these freedom fighters, calling them fascists, science-deniers, and insurrectionists. The reason is simple: most of the truckers are the wrong color and they are against globalism.

The left no longer cares about the white working class. This is why so many voters in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are now voting Republican and helped elect President Trump in 2016.

Furthermore, these truckers are against globalism. They want a return to Canada First, the north’s version of America First.

The left doesn’t like this; they want a global system of big government socialism dreamed of by organizations like the World Economic Forum and George Soros.

Letting Go of the Lie

The lie that the left supports the working class is beginning to fade. This is actually a good thing because different political realities are being exposed that can no longer be ignored.

The left is on the side of the elites, global government, and dependency. They spent years under COVID crushing small business, freedom, and personal choice.

Their rhetoric about supporting individual choice, rights, and freedom is clearly a lie. COVID has shown that. The left’s opposition to the truckers’ peaceful protest shows that.

Everyone paying any attention can now see it. The left doesn’t support freedom; they just want power to control and run our lives.

If you need any more proof, watch Trudeau talking about how he supports the BLM riots, but is against the truckers. BLM funding and momentum came mainly from the white upper-middle-class manipulating and pretending to act in the interests of the black community.

It’s an offensive Marxist, globalist movement that did absolutely nothing to improve rights for black people in America or anywhere else.

Of course, Blackface Trudeau supports it. Of course, he’s against the truckers, since they’re actually making a real difference and standing up to his lies.