Why is Nancy Pelosi Running Again?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a political insider who’s been pulling a lot of strings in DC for years. She’s also 81 years old.

However, that’s not stopping this ancient fossil from running again. Pelosi recently announced she’ll be running for reelection in the coming midterms.

Pelosi has served as the congresswoman for California’s 12th district since 1987, including the now crime and drug-addled city of San Francisco. She said she’s running again to prevent an attack on “democracy” and to protect voting rights.

What’s the Real Reason Pelosi is Running Again?

America is not in good shape right now. Inflation is through the roof; a murder wave is crashing over our blue cities, as the left’s soft-on-crime approach reaps its harvest. Voters are angry.

They’re angry about COVID lies, about the Afghanistan betrayal, about our insecure southern border.

Polls already show the Republicans with the biggest lead in the upcoming midterms since the 1980s. To say the Democrat Party is spooked would be an understatement; they’re panicked for their future survival as a party.

Having Joe Biden in the White House can make it seem like the left is strong right now, but the truth is outside of some coastal cities and a few urban areas, most Americans are sick and tired of these people.

The left is hoping that individuals like Pelosi can hang on to their seats and stop the landslide that’s about to occur. Pelosi, meanwhile, has her own obvious motivations for throwing her hat back in the ring.

Pelosi’s Plan

Pelosi isn’t popular in America, but she’s still reasonably popular in ultra-liberal San Francisco and the 12th District. She took it by 77% two years ago, and she’ll almost definitely take it again.

The Democrats have 29 members stepping down from the House of Representatives this year; the midterms are looking horrible for them.

That’s why Pelosi is being asked to hang on to her seat, even if they have to prop her up in her chair and feed her lines directly to her if she starts becoming senile.

For Pelosi’s part, it’s not that complicated. She loves politics, she loves power, and she loves making money on the stock market.

Her husband Paul apparently loves the stock market as well and made a number of questionable trades that caused controversy last year.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is Pelosi running again is actually good news for conservatives. This shows how desperate the Democrat Party is becoming.

They’re trotting out a woman who should be enjoying a tranquil retirement and instead getting her to keep acting out her role as a power-hungry political insider. They’re doing it because they know they’re going to lose big in many other areas across the country in a few months.