Why is Biden Suspending Deportation of Dangerous Illegal Immigrant Rapists and Criminals from the US?

MEXICO NARCOS DETENIDOS by Jesús Villaseca Pérez. is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

President Joe Biden made big promises during the campaign. He threw out enough buzzwords and LGBT words to get the progressive left fired up, and he shook hands with enough donors and buddied up to his Chinese friends and corporate connections enough to get the establishment happy.

In other words he tried to please everyone.

But now that he’s in office, Biden is just going straight for the Dumb and Dumber legislation, feeding fresh vegan tofu to his crazed base.

This includes cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline and costing 70,000 people their jobs, working to give mass amnesty to illegal immigrants and ending all deportation for 100 days.

Biden the Humanitarian?

Like most progressives, Biden is more concerned with words than reality. Say the right words and “feel” nice and you’re a great person.

Sign the right executive orders with the right words written by gender studies grads from Brown University and you’re now a hero of the people who will be worshiped forever.


Not by a long shot.

The problem is deportations aren’t just for nice families looking to build a better life in the United States. They’re also done for bloodthirsty criminals who murder people in the street and sell enough drugs to overdose whole neighborhoods.

Deportations are also done for MS-13 cartel animals who are on the level of Al Qaeda terrorists in terms of their inhumanity and horrific actions. These are not regular small time criminals, they are soulless monsters who don’t belong anywhere in America.

So what happens to these insane monsters if deportations are paused for 100 days under Biden? Is he going to take responsibility for the next slaughter they commit or the next 100 overdoses from their poison drugs?

Rubio Calls Biden’s BS

Texas and other states are not impressed with Biden’s lunatic plan to end ICE and stop deportations, and others are also highly alarmed. Florida Senator Marco Rubio called out Biden’s incoming chief of Homeland Security (DHS) David Pekoskie, asking what exactly will happen to those who are already slated to be deported.

This includes rapists, drug dealers, violent criminals and more.

DHS says it’s going to be working to “process” more immigrants along the Mexico border – where Biden is scrapping the already partly-built border wall.

DHS also says it will be prioritizing building a “fair and effective asylum procedures that respect human rights and due process.”

When will the quilting workshop be at DHS so we can sit and talk about how diversity is our strength and listen to how hard the childhood of MS-13 cartel members was before they shoot us? No announcement yet.

No More Holding Back

As a caravan of Hondurans and Central Americans is headed to the border trying to get amnesty during the 100 days the obvious fact has to be admitted: many illegal immigrants are great people who love their family and are religious and honest. They work hard and just want a better life.

But three unfortunate facts remain even about this: one is that why is the United States – especially now – responsible for giving these people a “better life”? Is the US now UNICEF? Two is that importing tons of cheap labor into a country – especially in an economic crisis – is absolutely insane and will hurt millions of Americans who are already struggling massively.

The third fact is that not all illegal immigrants are just nice, hardworking people. Some are cold-blooded killers and terrorists have even been found trying to smuggle themselves in disguised as South Americans. Which is part of why border security is so important not only for economic but also national security and law enforcement reasons.

Biden and the Democrats are putting nice words and their happy feelings over the lives of Americans. This is 100% unacceptable and this alone should be grounds for impeachment if the GOP wants to be serious about holding the left responsible for its treachery.