Why is China Supporting the Taliban?

China is our enemy: it’s that simple. Hopefully we can avoid war; however, we cannot avoid the truth that China is not a nation we should be trading with or cooperating with in any way.

President Trump understood that and cracked down on China’s evil and corruption. Now, the Biden regime turns a blind eye to China’s horrible abuses, spreading of disease and military aggression.

China is threatening every day to invade and take over Taiwan, but they’re also making it clear that they back the Taliban in Afghanistan. China wants to profit off our sacrifices in Afghanistan and the collapse of the country into a terrorist state.

Here’s Why China Backs the Taliban

China is in the middle of committing genocide against its Uyghur Muslim population, enslaving and sterilizing them. They even carve out their organs and sell them as Muslim-compliant (halal) to Arabs in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

China is also an atheist state which hates the idea of God or religion; they worship communism and state propaganda. So why would they back the Taliban, who are an ultra-strict religious group that hates atheists and are extremist Muslims?

Three words: rare earth minerals.  Afghanistan has a huge amount of rare earth minerals worth $1 trillion. These minerals go into many technology products, missile and military technology, and crucial infrastructure. This is especially true of its huge deposits of lithium.

The thing about rare earth minerals is right in the name: they’re very rare. In fact, part of why President Trump was talking about buying Greenland wasn’t just a joke; it was a bid to try to get access to more rare earth minerals which are located in Greenland.

Now China wants to work out a deal with the terrorists and scoop up rare earth minerals left behind as our forces leave.

American Blood and Treasure All Spent so China Can Profit?

We went into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden and then our generals decided to try to build the nation. The Afghans we trained and funded ended up failing and now we’ve left.

It’s a tragic story that cost a hell of a lot of American lives and treasure, as well as over 66,000 Afghan military lives and thousands of dead civilians.

Now China is going to come in and just hoover up all the rare earth minerals while buddying up with the Taliban? It’s a horrifying thought and it would have the Biden regime panicking if they actually loved this country.

China’s Game Plan

China cares first and foremost about one thing: money. By extension, they want power. They have spread their communist tentacles around the world, especially Africa, South America and the Middle East.

Their goal is to gather up the resources and loyalty of these populations in order to create an anti-American world order. Eventually, China will stab all its partners in the back; for now, though, they are racking up all sorts of friends bought off with their infusion of communist dollars.

China currently has around 67% of the world’s rare earth minerals. They want 100%. They want to control the components for technology and starve the rest of us out. Consider this a warning: China must be stopped.