Why Canada’s Trucker Protests are Working Where Other Protests Failed

Canada’s trucker freedom convoy is putting huge pressure on the liberal government of Justin Trudeau.

Not only did they send Trudeau into hiding and cause several Canadian provinces (states) to relax COVID restrictions, but the truckers aren’t backing down anytime soon.

The trucker protests have shocked the whole world. The main reason is they are working and have embarrassed the Canadian government’s COVID tyranny in front of everyone.

The question is: why are these protests working where others have failed?

Why are the Protests Working?

The trucker protests are working because they’re interrupting the workings of the government and economy. The usual pattern of protests on the left and right is completely ineffective.

On the left, protesters gather around like BLM and then get a free pass to smash things and act like spoiled children. None of their demands are actually listened to because they tend to be ridiculous; however, their slogans are used by leftist politicians as election juice.

On the right, as can be seen with January 6, protesters are often incited into violence by provocateurs. This way, a narrative can be pushed about supposedly deranged conservatives.

Their demands are then not only ignored, but also used to take away rights from patriots.

The truckers want Canada to end COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates to cross the US-Canada border. Many also want Trudeau gone.

However, they’ve avoided violence and avoided being taken over by any political or media group which can then twist and use their words. Their words are their own; their message is very simple and down to earth.

They want action, not flattery; by blocking cross-border business, they have North America’s liberals in a full panic.

The Difference Between Talk and Action

On January 6, the idea of stopping the vote to certify the election wasn’t realistic. With BLM and Antifa, the idea of abolishing the police was idiotic and dangerous.

The truckers, on the other hand, have a realistic goal: stop taking our freedom away and go back to normal. They’re now blocking one of the main bridges into the US at Canada’s Ambassador Bridge; they’re all over the downtown of Ottawa.

Despite GoFundMe closing down their donations, and GiveSendGo being ordered by Canada to shut down the donations, the truckers aren’t giving up. GiveSendGo is still going to give them the money; the truckers will continue their rally.

The Bottom Line

Protests work when they’re realistic, non-violent, and action-based. The Canadian truckers are succeeding because they’re an important part of the North American economy.

Even many vaccinated truckers are standing in solidarity and saying enough is enough. If the liberals in Washington and Ottawa want the wheels rolling once again, they have to stop playing games.