White Men Excluded from Top College’s $100 Million Program

White men have distinctly been excluded from a $100 million science and math program at Dartmouth College, one of the eight Ivy League universities.

This comes in a new development underscoring the dominance of the Marxist-Communist left’s racist, sex-based bias that has gripped American college campuses.

Dartmouth Succumbs to Marxist Race and Sex Tenets

The new STEM (“science, technology, engineering, and mathematics”) program at Dartmouth College, located in New Hampshire, is going ahead after the Ivy League school recently received a massive donation to help cover its cost, The College Fix reported.

However, the STEM-X initiative, billed with aiding “historically underrepresented groups,” seems to be limited to specific demographics – “women” and “Black, Latinx, and Native Americans,” while thoroughly excluding others – namely, white males.

Dartmouth’s anti-male, anti-white approach to the program seems to be perfectly in line with the Democratic progressivist left: men are inherently “evil,” so are white people, and “straight white males” are the epitome of all evil to have ever traversed the universe.

Yet, the seemingly racist, sexist approach of Dartmouth’s lavish STEM program does appear to contradict the non-discrimination legislation of the United States.

The report quotes several legal experts stating the Ivy League school’s exclusion of white men contradicts Title VI race discrimination and Title IX sex discrimination law, meaning the program’s legality could be disputed.

The new STEM program of Dartmouth College was given the go-ahead after the university received a $25 million donation from a billionaire couple, Penny and James Coulter, who made a fortune in TPG Capital, their private equity company.

Besides their grant, Dartmouth raised another $35 million. It is working to attract another $40 million in donations to bring the STEM program’s budget to $100 million.

The report noted the school failed to answer several inquiries on the program and its approach to handing out awards based on sex and race, instead of merit.

Women ‘Overrepresented,’ Not ‘Underrepresented’

According to a news release by the school, its new STEM initiative will include several elements, such as undergraduate scholarships, graduate and career advising, and curricular innovation.

This will all be geared towards “advancing underrepresented groups’” leadership and participation in STEM fields.

Dartmouth’s program is also described as a three-year initiative for “cohesive diversity” and “equity.” It would affect not only the school’s academic areas, but also its administration.

According to the head and founder of the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR), Bion Bartning, any scholarship program discriminating based on skin color would be unlawful.

Bartning noted further that Dartmouth received federal funding, which was why it could not exclude scholarship candidates on account of “skin color or ancestry.”

The report also cited University of Michigan professor emeritus Mark Perry, who frequently files complaints under Title IX and Title VI, as being concerned by Dartmouth’s new STEM program.

Perry was categorical that Dartmouth would be “violating federal civil rights laws” if its program was exclusive to female, black, Hispanic, and Native American students.

He also blasted Dartmouth College for spreading a “false narrative” about how women are “underrepresented” in STEM disciplines.

In contrast, the reality is they are “overrepresented” in many of them, such as medicine, health sciences, biology, and veterinary medicine.