White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s Big Plans

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is leaving her job this coming summer. Now, her next move has been leaked, and it’s got a lot of people quite upset.

The reason is Psaki’s future plans confirm the worst gossip about liberals and the mainstream media.

The news about what Psaki is doing next is also part of a much bigger pattern where the liberal media and left-wing political administrations are basically a recycling factory.

Psaki Going to MSNBC

The big news is Psaki’s heading over to the liberal network news station, MSNBC, when she leaves her job in the summer. It’s part of a much bigger pattern you can see.

When VP Kamala Harris’ top aide, Symone Sanders, quit her job earlier this year, she headed straight to MSNBC. We saw how the Trump administration also had people like Sean Spicer and Kayleigh McEnany leave to join news networks as opinion contributors.

In one way, it obviously makes sense to have top political figures on your news shows. After all, they had an inside view of various administrations and know how things work.

Though when you offer them paid positions and cushy jobs at your network, you increase the impression that politics is just a showtime sport of preparation for a career on TV and vice versa.

President Trump made his name in television and on The Apprentice, but he brought real leadership to the White House.

The issue is when you have showboats with no actual leadership or skills who just treat leading our country like a game and then get paid millions to go on TV networks and joke about it.

It’s shameful.

Psaki’s Shameful News

The fact of the matter is Psaki also shouldn’t be invited to work for any news network for another reason as well. That reason is Joe Biden’s own lack of transparency with the news media.

This senile disaster of a POTUS has only eight spontaneous press conferences in his entire presidency where journalists could ask real and spontaneous questions.

The rest has been scripted and carefully prepared. Every time Biden has faced the press one-on-one, it’s been an awful disaster.

People like Psaki are there to make the Biden regime sound coherent and strategic, but even her silver-tongued lies haven’t convinced anyone that Biden is handling inflation, war, and border meltdown in any way approaching competence.

Ethics Training?

Psaki claims before she takes on a high-paid job at MSNBC, she’ll have strict “ethics training” about how to make the shift to being a political contributor, instead of a representative of a sitting president.

Anyone who believes someone like her can keep her interests separate after swimming around in the swamp for years doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

At the same time, networks like MSNBC are already pure Democrat and leftist propaganda, so the addition of Psaki really won’t make a difference.

If Psaki knew anything about ethics, she wouldn’t lie to America’s face every day about serious issues which are harming our country.