What’s the Future of the American Right?

Where does the right go from here?

With very promising polls in the upcoming midterms and a bright future, it’s easy to assume the right is more unified than it really is.

The truth is the future of the American right is currently being decided. It’s not being decided politically; it’s being decided culturally and at the community level.

Here’s what I mean…

The Right’s Conflicted Identity

In the 1970s, the right came together under a new brand of GOP: a fusion of religious conservatives and libertarian free-market classical liberals. This “fusionism” as it was called was a smart idea at the time.

It unified the right around defeating the USSR and standing up for freedom. The problem is there’s a very fine line between freedom and chaos, a free market vs. a corporate globalist takeover.

As the American people said loud and clear under Trump: we are sick and tired of unelected elites stealing our jobs, devaluing our money, sending our kids to die in wars they started, and allowing our institutions to be taken over by woke fanatics while arguing about tax rates.

On this Independence Day, we need to be honest about where the right is at: it’s at a crossroads.

Will we be a movement that quibbles about low taxes or transgenderism, or will we still have a place for the truly socially conservative and those who care about how America used to be?

A Slower Version of Liberalism?

The sad truth is much of conservatism today is just a slower version of liberalism in almost every way.

For many who are winning in the current economy or social system, this may seem like a fine deal.

Though what the left truly fears isn’t more Rs in Congress: what they fear are Rs with a backbone. They fear religious conservatives, pro-life conservatives, right-leaning people who care about the Constitution.

They fear those who love America because even the left knows that they will lose completely once they fully turn against this country.

The right needs to completely stop playing catch up and stop playing defense.

It is time for us to take the lead and tell the left to back off. They have gone way, way too far in changing our culture, our education system, our media, our institutions, and our economy.

The Bottom Line

The American right can’t afford to be just a slower version of the centrist and left parties. If it does this, then there’s no reason not to just make two Democrat parties: the Democrats and the Democrats-Lite or something like that.

Let’s get real here. There’s no room for playing games with our future by giving the left more space they never earned or deserved.