What’s on the Agenda at This Year’s Bilderberg Meeting?

The annual Bilderberg meeting is currently taking place. It started on Thursday and runs until Sunday.

The elite meeting is being held this year in Washington, D.C. It will include over 120 official invitees.

The list of those attending is mostly exactly what you would expect, with a few surprises thrown in.

Here’s who’s going and what they’re going to be discussing, at least officially…

Bilderberg 2022

This year’s meeting includes head of Pfizer Albert Bourla, Deep State strategist Henry Kissinger, globalist former spy chief David Petraeus, the previous head of Google, Eric Schmidt, and current CIA chief, William Burns.

It also has a few surprises, including Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Canada’s assistant leader Chrystia Freeland, and the Secretary of NATO Jens Stoltenberg.

Additional attendees include key figures from the energy sector, financial world, liberal journalists, and business figures from around the world.

This annual meeting of the world’s top industry, business, and political leaders began in the mid-1950s from Dutch royalty. It’s very influential in discussions about the future of modern civilization.

Bilderberg ideas are credited with inspiring the motivation behind the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the formation of the European Union (EU).

This year’s agenda will be especially focused on the rise of China, NATO vs. Russia, the threat of disinformation, the rise of populism, dealing with future pandemics, financial instability, and “sustainability.”

It’s All About Globalism

The power of those attending Bilderberg, and the high levels of topics being discussed, often leaves the public grasping at conspiracies or giving up trying to understand because it’s too complicated.

In fact, it’s quite simple: Bilderberg is about globalism. This is the ideology that seeks a one-world government and to overrule the rights of citizens and nation-states in favor of authoritarian left-wing world order.

Everything being discussed is off the record and the identity of those saying it can’t be discussed. It’s basically about letting powerful people all network in one place and take notes on what “needs” to be done to save the world.

Of course, saving the world is ultimately more about advancing a bizarre and authoritarian agenda than helping any of us, but what else is new?

This is where they pick leaders and come up with agendas. If you play ball, you get votes and money. If you aren’t interested, you get demoted, ignored, and are never invited again.

Are the Conspiracies True?

There’s no need to speculate about the more bizarre conspiracies in terms of Bilderberg.

The meeting is transparently conspiratorial since it involves the secret negotiations and discussion of world leaders to decide the future of humanity.

It’s also treason for American officials to be attending since it violates the Logan Act, but this kind of treason is something past administrations already surpassed long ago.