What Will the West Do If Russia Launches Nukes?

The war in Ukraine has been raging on since February 24 when Russian tanks and troops invaded. Since that time, the war has not gone Russia’s way, with numerous setbacks and very heavy troop losses.

This became so bad that Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced mobilization several weeks ago, opening up a pool of 300,000 conscripts to be taken to the frontlines.

However, due to repeated threats and an accelerating Ukrainian counterattack, experts are now concerned about what happens if Putin does end up nuking Ukraine.

Here’s the West’s response plan as far as we know it…

Planning for the Worst

Russia already launched nuclear weapons in 1954’s Operation Snow. This top-secret mission tested a nuclear weapon on Russian troops inside of Russia and ended up killing 45,000 of them over the next few decades.

The consequences of this brazen testing took many lives and still remain partly classified, but it certainly shows how the government is willing to sacrifice even its own soldiers.

Putin’s claim he’s “not bluffing” about using nukes if Ukraine threatens Russian-held territories needs to be taken seriously, especially considering Russia’s already used nukes on its own people.

At this point, the West is planning for a Russian nuking test or usage in Ukraine possibly on the Black Sea and what to do in that occurrence.

In particular, western governments have a plan to reassure people not to panic in order to prevent bank runs and the emptying of stores and the supply chain.

In addition, there are plans to be prepared ahead of time for the worst-case scenario, with the US Department of Human Services (HHS) buying medicine to treat radiation poisoning and delay its worst immediate symptoms.

France Makes Bold Claim

In one flub that was condemned by many geopolitical analysts, France’s leader Emmanuel Macron said nuclear-armed France would not respond with nukes if Russia launches them.

Announcing you would not respond in such a way is basically a blank check. It is a highly dangerous thing to do when Putin is potentially playing a game of nuclear chicken with the world order.

Top US security adviser Jake Sullivan said Russia would be hit with “catastrophic” consequences, but didn’t specify about what those might be.

This entire storm of geopolitical Armageddon talk is even worse for the economy as well, with inflation spiraling out of control in many western countries and the situation also getting tenser between China and Taiwan.

The Bottom Line

It’s clear at this point that the main plan of the West for responding to a Russian nuclear test or attack in Ukraine is just hoping it doesn’t happen.

The truth is that nobody wins in a nuclear war; politicians and others should be doing everything possible to de-escalate this conflict.