Waukesha Massacre Survivor Speaks Out

Last Sunday, a psychotic killer drove his red SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing six and injuring over 60 people. Some of those who were injured are barely clinging to life in hospital.

Now, those who survived the attack are speaking out about what occurred and about what they would like to see happen to 39-year-old suspect Darrell Brooks. One of those speaking out is US Army combat veteran Ryan Kohnke.

Survivor Speaks Out

Kohnke was at the parade when he saw the red SUV start plowing through people. Police tried to stop the driver but he wouldn’t stop and continued mowing people down.

Kohnke’s 11-year-old niece Jessalyn was a couple of minutes ahead of him and he became highly anxious if she and her family were OK.

He ran forward to check which is when he described a scene of chaos, with bodies scattered around and clothes lying on the ground. Jessalyn was severely injured on the ground surrounded by relatives and emergency staff.

Kohnke, who fought in Iraq, rushed to get his own kids away from the scene. They were screaming and deeply traumatized at seeing Jessalyn so hurt. He himself lost it for a minute when he saw his beloved niece crumped on the ground.

She is currently fighting for her life.

Kohnke Calls Out Brooks’ ‘Selfish’ and Weak Behavior in Court

As Kohnke noted, this tragedy ruined many people’s lives during the holiday season. He himself said what he saw horrified him. His interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro clearly shows a man who’s been shaken.

Kohnke went to Brooks’ bail hearing, where he said the list of charges Brooks has been convicted of in the past (and the fact he was out on bail) is disgusting. Furthermore, when Brooks started crying at hearing he faced a life sentence, Kohnke considers it “selfish.”

He’s right. If found guilty, Brooks clearly deserves the death penalty, but unfortunately, Wisconsin doesn’t have the death penalty. Now, many families will be having the worst December of their lives because a racist psychopath decided to destroy Christmas.

The Current Situation

Eight kids, including Jessalyn, are still in the hospital, some barely clinging to life. Families have lost loved ones and the situation is horrifying.

Despite fighting in Iraq, Kohnke said what he saw shook him badly. He described the bodies “everywhere” and people screaming. There’s no other name for what happened than domestic terrorism.

This is particularly true when looking at Brooks’ beliefs and history. It also appears this may have been a targeted attack.

America is in danger of downplaying the threat from the radical left. We can’t afford to do that. Criminals belong behind bars or in the ground. Families deserve to be safe, especially at Christmas.