WATCH: CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper Goes Ballistic After Being Questioned on His Corruption

CNN is mostly known for its fake news and employing sexual predators. Yet, it’s also full of all sorts of other corruption and tomfoolery.

Recently, anchor Anderson Cooper got called out for some of his alleged corruption and he didn’t like it one bit.

In fact, Cooper went ballistic, threatening and cursing at a man who was filming him and asking some specific questions about potentially illegal activity he had engaged in.

What Happened?

A man with a camera accosted Cooper at CNN’s head office and started asking him questions. The individual posted the exchange on TikTok in which Cooper can be seen walking away as the man trails him while recording.

According to the man, Cooper has been profiting privately from his work on 60 Minutes at CBS and having footage used on infomercials.

Specifically, the man accused Cooper of having 60 Minutes footage used in infomercials for eVTOL airplanes, Wisk and Joby.

Cooper ignores him at first and then, while walking through the turnstile door, curses at the man to go the “f–k” away from him. Cooper’s angry reaction and arrogant behavior shouldn’t be surprising, considering CNN considers itself above the law.

Where’s Cooper’s Money Parked?

The man in the video went further and asked if Cooper has investments in Lyft, Wisk, and Joby. Cooper ignored the questions and started walking even faster.

After cursing at him, Cooper gave him a sarcastic expression before entering the private area of the building and leaving the man behind.

It was clear this situation got to the CNN host and 60 Minutes stooge, as he had a very sour expression on his mannequin face. People like Cooper think they are above the law and can do whatever they like with zero consequences.

We’ve seen very similar behavior from people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has a number of conflicts of interest over her own stock investments. Also, she is accused of giving insider trading tips to her drunk-driving husband, Paul, during the pandemic.

Cooper and his crowd think they can bilk millions and game the system without anybody noticing. Though all it takes is one man with a camera to make them go off and start swearing.

The Bottom Line

Whether or not Cooper has been engaging in the kind of conflict of interest this random man is alleging is unclear. What is clear is the host clearly doesn’t like when the tables are turned on him.

He recently did an interview with the head of Dominion Voting, sponsored by Pfizer, where he accepted at face value all the promises that Dominion is totally honest and didn’t do anything to monkey with the results of the 2020 election.

Cooper is nothing but a corrupt establishment insider; he clearly doesn’t have any desire to answer questions about where his own money is or what exactly he’s involved in.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.