WATCH: Biden Swears Like a Sailor While Touring Hurricane Ian Damage in Florida

Hurricane Ian made landfall midway through last week in Florida and caused enormous destruction. Tragically, 120 people are now confirmed dead in the monster storm. The Category 5 hurricane also caused an estimated $47 billion in damage.

This will take a long time to rebuild. Despite the stellar leadership of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, not all of the tragedy was able to be avoided.

Joe Biden recently stopped by Florida on Wednesday to survey the storm’s damage and offer words of comfort. Though instead, he got caught dropping F-bombs.

Biden Swears Like a Sailor While Touring Damage

Fort Myers is one of those cities which was heavily affected by the ravages of Hurricane Ian. Biden was going there to meet the mayor, a man by the name of Ray Murphy.

Murphy exchanged small talk and said thank you to Biden for coming to Florida to see in person about the recovery efforts.

As they chatted, Biden started playing the macho man, saying nobody “f–ks with” any Biden and Murphy replied that Biden was “godd–n right.”

The two men shared a chuckle as the moment was captured on hot mic. Asked about it later, Murphy said it was no big deal and indicated that two men from working-class backgrounds talk this way.

When President Trump used profanity the media went haywire and hyperventilated with concern, but in these cases it’s no big deal. Got it. What’s also ironic is it’s not true.

Some people certainly f–k with a Biden, including that very day when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) refused to increase supply and help Biden out with energy prices.

Who Screws With a Biden?

In addition to OPEC, who else screws with a Biden? Well, let’s take a look at the list, because it’s a long one.

Sex trafficked prostitutes who use crack with Hunter Biden certainly seemed in the mood to screw with a Biden. Russia and Vladimir Putin certainly haven’t been treating Biden with a lot of respect…

The economy likes to screw with Joe Biden and has been inflating so fast it’s got veteran economists worried. That’s just a small list of the people screwing with Biden and not respecting him and his family.

They screw with him because of things like this: he has an inflated sense of self-importance and believes he’s doing a great job while Americans can barely afford gas and food.

Sticking Together

During their remarks about recovery, Biden and DeSantis stuck together and said the priority is on getting Florida back on its feet. This is good, but why is Biden wandering around bragging about himself to the mayor of Ft. Myers?

Why is he only just now headed south when the southern border’s been waiting for him to visit for years now?