Washington DC Police Chief Just Gave Liberal Media a Big Reality Check

Washington, DC might be known as the location of our federal government and trendy little vegan cafes and art galleries. Yet, in addition to being a haven for liberal college interns and bowtie Republicans, it’s actually also a deeply violent and unstable city. 

Recently, a vicious shooting took place near Logan Circle in downtown DC when some gangsters cruised by and opened up on an apartment. Live fire erupted everywhere with people firing back nearby and civilians ran for cover, including those at an Amazon Fresh stand who were in the line of fire. 

People were screaming and tears ran down their faces as they came face-to-face with the harsh reality of crime and criminals. Now DC Police Chief Robert Contee is dropping some harsh truth for liberals who think defunding the police is the answer or that criminals are just misunderstood, poor, or victims of racism. 

First, a Plot Twist…

Remember CNN’s Jim Acosta? He’s a showboat fake newsman who spent four years whining about Trump and staging little hissy fits at the White House. Well, he happened to be out eating nearby Logan Circle when the gunfight took place. So he went and did some actual reporting, shooting footage of the incident. 

There’s no doubt this was some serious gunfire and that people were terrified. You really can’t blame them. Having live fire erupt around you is not a pleasant experience, especially knowing you could die at any second from a stray bullet. 

Chief Schools the Liberal Media on Crime

Chief Robert Contee understands the reality of crime and why it can’t be allowed to keep growing. The shooting left two people shot and in serious condition. Contee gave a statement to the media at the scene where he was clearly furious. For good reason!

He even told the media that he was “mad as hell” about the crime increase in DC and the way that criminals and gangsters are let out easily on bail. As Contee said, the “justice system” is currently “not functioning” and criminals are treated way too lightly. 

For one thing, COVID has led to many courts barely being open; there are so many cases that many criminals are released on bail and left free to do more crimes. 

Time to Crack Down Hard on Criminals

Contee called it a “vicious cycle,” saying that he’s sure whoever was behind the shooting at Logan Circle is someone DC police already know about and have caught in the past. Contee said he’s sick and tired of people trying to “coddle violent criminals” who ruin communities. 

Contee mocked those who say these criminals just want a job or rehab services or help of some kind. They simply need to be stopped. Overly easygoing judges letting these monsters back on the streets are traitors to America and could lead to your family getting killed. 

Contee is a great man for telling the truth about this and not engaging in the woke nonsense about criminals being victims. 

Criminals are evil, and criminals must be stopped. Simple as that. No more excuses, no more radical left propaganda. Let’s support our police and keep our communities safe.