Want to Wear a Mask at This Restaurant? Prepare to Pay Up

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We’ve been living in a world where one side has all the power.

Do this, wear that; take this shot, believe this lie.

The medical establishment and its backers in government speak through toadies like Dr. Tony Fauci and tell us all what to do. 

Ultimately, if you don’t want to do it, you get fined, have your business shut down or even face jail time, as some have during these draconian COVID restrictions. 

Now one man called Chris Castleman of Mendocino, California is doing his bit to help turn the tables a little. 

He’s getting back some of that power and he’s prepared to use it.

Let me explain…

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Mask Up? Pay Up…

Castleman runs Fiddlehead Cafe in Mendocino, and he’s announced that anyone caught wearing a mask in the restaurant will be penalized $5. 

Mask up, pay up. 

Several months ago, Fiddlehead gave customers 50% off if they threw their masks in the garbage as well, so it’s part of an ongoing pro-freedom trend. 

Castleman, 34, said the $5 penalty can be considered “charity.” Since these patrons with their masks have so much concern for their community and other people’s wellbeing, he’s sure they wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra. 

This is clearly more of a sort of joke, but he’s not just saying it for media attention. Castleman is actually putting this rule in practice and making people pay up. 

There’s more as well. If you’re caught in the Fiddlehead bragging openly about being vaccinated against COVID, that costs $5 more. Enjoy your self-righteous bragging, because you’ll have to pay. 

Taking Back Power

Castleman is just one guy who owns a cafe. Some are also asking whether he’s actually legally allowed to do things like tell you what you can talk about (probably not). However, the point is that he’s taking back power from the bureaucrats and stuffed suits. 

It also shows how emotional this issue has become for a lot of people. You can see very positive and negative reactions on social media, for example, with some praising Castleman and others saying his business should be boycotted. 

The bottom line here is that we’ve been living in a very one-sided environment, like I was saying. 

People have been told everything they can do for quite some time, not. They’ve also had the full powerful arm of the federal government swooping in to forcibly close them down, fine them, harass them and force them indoors (or to shutter up their business) due to supposed concerns over COVID. 

Castleman is just one guy doing a thing that’s getting some attention, but he’s making a good point in my opinion. 

What do you think, has this guy gone too far or is his idea on the right track?