VP Kamala Harris Exposes Her Disgusting Hypocrisy With Abortion Comments

Vice President Kamala Harris is a fanatical supporter of abortion. She’s spent a career strongly pushing the right of women to terminate unwanted pregnancies and that’s continuing in her current role.

Harris has been clear that she regards abortion as “reproductive health” and something which must remain a right for all women. That’s why she’s been talking to abortion organizations across the country to figure out how to keep the abortions happening in the wake of a pro-life Texas law.

The new law outlaws abortion after a heartbeat is discovered in the fetus, which can happen as early as six weeks.

Harris Hits Back at Texas Senate Bill 8

Texas Senate Bill 8 is the new Lone Star law that protects unborn life. Harris wants to do her best to get around it and any other restrictions on abortion in America. She’s been meeting with companies that do abortions in Texas and other red states which may pass similar laws.

Coming out of those meetings, Harris said it’s important that women make decisions for their “own bodies.” She also said that healthcare is better when the government doesn’t interfere. Yes, she actually said that.

Firstly, an unborn baby is not a “woman’s body.” It’s an unborn baby, as in a human being. Secondly, how in the world can this arrogant and horrible woman talk about how healthcare is better when the government stays out (which is true) while her boss is forcing COVID vaccines and insane restrictions on the whole country?

She is such a hypocrite.

Abortion ‘Not Negotiable’ According to Harris

According to Harris, abortion is an “ideal” that is “not negotiable.” She also called it an “essential service” that ensures equality for women. By making her additional comment on how the government shouldn’t interfere in healthcare, Harris also showed just how hypocritical she is.

As Harris was pretending to care about medical choice in order to push baby murder, Biden was telling any company over 100 people that the vaccine is now necessary.

Meanwhile, here’s Harris talking about people’s “wellbeing” when they make choices for themselves. Yet, I guess it only applies to abortion in your view, right Madame Vice President?

The Importance of the New Texas Law

The new Texas law was upheld by the Supreme Court a little over a week ago. There are appeals ongoing, but at this point, 85% of abortions that were happening in Texas are now illegal.

A heartbeat can occur as early as six weeks in the fetus, and many women don’t find out they’re pregnant until around six weeks. This makes most abortions now illegal in Texas.

Isn’t it bizarre watching how passionate Democrats get about pushing abortion? Where was this anger and enthusiasm when our troops were in harm’s way in Afghanistan or illegal aliens were overrunning the country?