VP Harris Slammed For Comments on Hurricane Ian Recovery

This week, Florida took some major hits from Hurricane Ian. While some areas were able to get by without too much destruction, others weren’t as fortunate.

A lot of recovery is necessary in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis, along with other leaders across the state, is working overtime to make sure communities get the resources they need.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has other priorities. In the hours leading up to Hurricane Ian’s worst devastation, the president was talking about COVID vaccination being a necessary tool to prepare for the hurricane.

Since Ian passed, Vice President Kamala Harris has claimed that resources for recovery will be distributed based upon so-called “equity.”

The team of the Florida governor is now pushing back on this, as documented by Washington Examiner.

Setting the Record Straight

According to the vice president, the Biden administration says communities with poorer individuals and people of color are likeliest to have sustained the most damage. Therefore, this is where recovery efforts will be prioritized.

However, DeSantis’ rapid response director Christina Pushaw didn’t hesitate to clear things up. Pushaw warned that what Harris said was false and is generating preventable panic amongst all kinds of Floridians who were adversely impacted by Hurricane Ian.

The rapid response director also made a point of noting that background and race aren’t going to play a role in people’s access to assistance.

Others criticized the vice president for using a natural disaster as an opportunity to put race as the central focus, rather than collective recovery for all.

Rebuilding Florida

While the vice president focuses on political agendas, the Florida governor is concentrating on building back the state.

This deals with not just recovery efforts from the hurricane, but also with unsavory characters who may try to take advantage of the chaos.

This includes looters and thieves. DeSantis recently addressed this matter during a press conference. The Florida governor reiterated that the state prioritizes law and order and won’t stand for looting.

Another key point made by DeSantis stresses that the state won’t allow vulnerable individuals hurt by Ian to be taken advantage of.

Later, Biden is expected to visit the state of Florida; though the president claims he wants to arrive at a time that doesn’t interfere with the state’s work to recover from the hurricane.

During a press conference of his own, Biden claimed he’d spoken with DeSantis a handful of times regarding Hurricane Ian. The president likewise contends he was complimented by the Florida governor regarding his response to the natural disaster.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.