Virginia’s New Black Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears, Calls Out Democrat Party’s Racism

When Republican Glenn Youngkin was recently elected as the next governor of Virginia, the whole country gasped. Some were happy, some were angry. However, nobody could deny a major change had taken place.

In a purple state like Virginia, a conservative won the day, signaling a sea change for next year with the midterm elections. It’s also especially important to note Youngkin won partly by bringing up the left’s dishonest and damaging culture war on our kids and woke education policies.

One of the fellow conservatives elected alongside Youngkin was Marine Corps veteran Winsome Sears, who will soon take her place as Virginia’s lieutenant governor.

Winsome Sears Has No Time for Leftist Lies

Sears is not someone who holds her tongue because of being politically correct. She has now come out and said she believes part of why she won her campaign is voters are tired of the left dividing people by race.

As the first black woman who’s ascended to Virginia state government, Sears knows what she’s talking about. Also, she said she knows voters are “tired” of politicians trying to inflame the “wounds” from past injustices.

Sears said her ethnicity has never made her feel out of place or hated for who she is; that’s because she’s proud of herself and proud of America. She doesn’t buy into the left-wing narrative that her race is the most important thing about her.

Sears doesn’t believe she should dislike and distrust people of different races. Sears said being against critical race theory doesn’t mean she denies racism existed or exists.

It just means she doesn’t believe it’s the main issue we have today and children shouldn’t be taught to divide people primarily by race. She’s 100% correct and it’s shocking so many on the left wouldn’t agree with her.

‘That’s Not America’

Sears immigrated from Jamaica when she was a small girl of only six years old. Her dad had almost no money in his pocket and worked hard to try to achieve the American Dream.

When Sears joined the US Marine Corps, her love for America kept growing and she eventually found her way into politics. Now the charisma and strength she has is becoming known to everyone.

She has survived an immense tragedy as well; her daughter (who had bipolar disorder) died in an automobile accident in 2012, along with Sears’ two young grandkids.

Sears likewise knows how tragic and hard life can be, but she’s never blamed that on race or seen America as an evil place like the left. As she said, the way the Democrats divide people based on race is sick and wrong. The way she phrased it is, “that’s not America,” and she’s entirely correct.