VIDEO: Leftist Extremist Gets Violent Outside Rittenhouse Trial

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is in its third day of jury discussion and things are not looking good. It’s unclear why things are taking so long; many people are speculating it could be a hung jury (tied).

Crowds of angry leftists are chanting outside while the jury tries to come to a verdict. Now, violence has also broken out.

When you put a bunch of brainwashed leftists in one place and falsely tell them they’re stopping white supremacy, they tend to go a little bit nuts.

The latest incident proves exactly that.

What Happened?

An enraged leftist with a shirt that said “F**k Kyle” went after a woman who was there to uphold law and order.

Despite the large crowd of violent communists and liberals, there are some people outside the courthouse in Wisconsin who are conservatives and independents that want to keep the peace.

This angry man went up and assaulted her; he then began punching at TV cameramen in front of the courthouse. This was filmed on video as this man began viciously going after everyone.

Arguments often pop up around controversial subjects and in tense times, but this wasn’t really an argument. It was just an abusive leftist trying to pick a fight with anyone he could find and vent his juvenile anger onto people around him.

He called the conservative woman a “c**t” and insulted her mother, getting into a back and forth exchange before trying to assault her. This is the true face of the far left: immature, misogynistic, violent, and absolutely deranged.

Tensions are High Outside Trial

Tensions are high; the left has been whipped into a fever pitch as they worry Rittenhouse will be found not guilty. They want this young man to spend his life behind bars for defending himself from violent psychopaths.

This angry leftist who attacked the woman and then smashed a reporter onto the ground did get arrested. He now faces numerous charges, including battery.

The suspect is 20 and his name is Anthony Chacon. Apparently, this young man is also wanted for breaking bail and faces numerous other charges related to assault. Therefore, this isn’t his first rodeo.

Another violent leftist called Shaquita Cornelious was also recently arrested outside the courthouse. She is now being held for her aggressive actions and drug possession.

As we await the Rittenhouse verdict, there’s no doubt anymore about what’s going on. A violent left-wing mob wants to intimidate the jury.

They likewise aim to hijack the trial and they’re full of the kind of criminals who already led to the tragic incident that caused this trial.

It’s time for police to get very serious very fast about the radical left. It’s no joke and their childish violence puts us all in danger.