VIDEO: Biden is Rapidly Losing Support Among Minorities

The Democrat Party loves to talk about minorities, race, and diversity. They cover over the fact their entire history is deeply tied to racism and division.

They also ignore the fact the past decades of Democrat leadership and policy have deeply harmed minorities, spreading division and hatred across the country.

Far from helping people of color, immigrants, and minorities, Democrats have abused their trust, taken them for fools, and used them as pawns in a political game.

Nowhere is that more true than of Hispanic Americans, who have been treated horribly and assumed to be left-wing supporters of illegal immigration. This is often completely untrue and very offensive.

Now, more and more Latinos are speaking out against the Biden regime and its horrible policies.

Latinos Speak Out Against Biden

Telemundo is about as far-left as it gets. Deeply linked to the Democrat Party and the politics of the left, this Latino-focused channel recently got the shock of its life.

They interviewed a Hispanic American man from Arlington County in Virginia. Instead of this man saying how much he loves AOC or the Green New Deal, the man said he is sick and tired of Biden and his awful administration.

The Virginia man being interviewed says Biden actually caused him to become “Republican.” The reason is the fact Biden is “destroying” our nation’s economic system and making “everything terrible.”

It’s pretty hard to argue with this guy, because he basically just summed up the horrific Biden regime in one sentence.

More Latinos Make Their Voices Heard

It wasn’t just the man from Arlington County speaking up against Biden and his idiocy. Another Latina woman interviewed in the same series of reports about the Virginia governor’s race also said she’s sick of the Democrats.

As a Venezuelan refugee to the United States (who’s experienced the true face of socialism), this woman said she and other minorities have “stood up” and are finally being allowed to speak their minds.

She said she is “sick” of being “stigmatized” for her conservative beliefs. She’s also sick of people expecting her to fall for the divide-and-conquer strategy of the sick Democrat Party and its leftist allies.

The Democrats are Done

The growing trend of Latino Americans who are turning against the left and its lies is very good news for the future of this country. The division and incompetence caused by the Democrats will soon be coming to an end, hopefully forever.

As we saw under President Trump, a broad coalition of Americans from every ethnic background and walk of life supports a better future for this country.

Contrary to what the liberal media lied about, Trump actually built the most diverse coalition of support on the right since President Reagan. That’s because Trump brought all patriots together.