Vice President Harris Reveals $5 Billion Electric School Bus Plan

"School bus" by Ian Dick

During a recent public appearance, Vice President Kamala Harris announced a brand new initiative to electrify all school buses in the nation, a plan that’s set to cost upwards of $5 billion.

Almost $1 billion of the necessary funds will be leveraged from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for rebates to school districts that actually purchase these electric buses, meaning it’s ultimately all coming out of your pocket.

“Kamala Harris” by Gage Skidmore

$5 billion for electric school buses amid sharpest learning decline in US history

The reason behind this change is the idea that diesel exhaust particulates can cause asthma and other respiratory illnesses in children, but this doesn’t exactly remove the fact that other vehicles around them are doing the same thing.

The initial funding round, which totaled $913 million, ended up being divided into 2,463 school buses that were to be bought, implying only one of these vehicles costs approximately $370k, which is twice as much as a standard school bus.

Of course, this does eventually pay off in the long run, as analysts from Philadelphia, which added five new electric buses to their roster, believe they’ll be saving up to $5k in fuel every year.

However, this begs the question if these vehicles will even last long enough to actually make the investment worth their while. That’s not even factoring in repair and maintenance costs that will pile on over the years of usage.

Who asked for this?

As it stands though, Harris can’t seem to wrap her head around this fairly simple concept, instead focusing on the idea that electric buses are a woke necessity to help boost her approval among eco-friendly Democrats.

While it may sound insensitive, it’s safe to say neither Harris nor any other Democrat would ever put the well-being of children and their education ahead of their own convictions. This just so happened to be a win-win situation for both.

What they failed to analyze before announcing the plan though, is the fact that average reading scores for nine-year-olds across the nation plummeted five points. The average scores in mathematics dropped by seven points, marking the steepest decline in reading since 1990.

Parental rights are being violated casually in every blue state, where children are constantly exposed to woke narratives in classrooms, whether they like it or not.

After months of being forced to learn in front of a computer screen, it’s certainly not the best atmosphere to return to.

Apart from this, the economy is in shambles due to Bidenflation that’s been raging on for the past year; the last thing we need is another $5 billion wasted on something no one asked for.

The surging gasoline prices may seem like a good indicator that switching to electric is the right choice, but considering the Inflation Reduction Act will do little to actually combat inflation, it may take too long for the electric buses to start paying for themselves.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.