Veterans Slam New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for Showing Them Incredible Disrespect

Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers remarks at the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial at Riverside Park by diana_robinson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is a liberal man through and through. 

He likes his BLM, he likes his Democratic party and he likes to live in a progressive bubble. 

But that progressive bubble recently burst a little after de Blasio came under intense anger from New York area veterans who are outraged at his latest stunt. 

This dunce of a mayor declined a permit for the 102nd Memorial Day Parade on Staten Island, permitting a Cannabis Parade instead. 

“For many of us, a parade is a form of closure. We gather together and support each other,” said Marine infantry vet Jamie Gonzalez, 57, who fought in the Gulf War.

“It’s a slap in the face,” Gonzalez said of de Blasio putting the weed walk above the warrior commemoration.

Mayor Bill de Blasio marches in the Puerto Rican Day Parade on Fifth Avenue by diana_robinson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

How Did This Happen?

Gonzalez and other vets were planning a special parade this year to remember 30 years after Desert Storm, but New York denied their permit application, which was put in on behalf of the United Staten Island Veterans Organization.

The New York Police Department let them know that de Blasio’s emergency executive order banning non-essential public events meant it was a no go.

But a massive pot parade by a bunch of degenerate progressives? Go for it!

“It’s pathetic,” said Ted Cohen, 82, an Air Force reservist who served during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The May 1 pot parade took place and so have many other events including a St. Patrick’s Day parade and several massive BLM protests which de Blasio took part in. 

This hypocritical liberal dunce even went to an event called the East Harlem Pray and Protest last summer and wouldn’t get tested for COVID even though he started to feel sick after.

“He wrote the book on hypocrisy. During his six years as mayor, he’s been nothing but a hypocrite on most things and this is a great example,” said fellow Democrat Councilman Robert Holden, who had his fill of de Blasio’s endless lies and double standards. 

The May 1 “Cannabis Parade” featured idiotic Senator Chuck Schumer and New York AG Letitia James and carried a giant joint down the street.

New York recently legalized recreational pot, ignoring the extensive evidence of its psychiatric dangers and overall degeneration on society.

But after all, arrogant progressive creeps like Schumer don’t care about science, just about following peer pressure and what seems popular and scores them votes. 

Vets Fight Back

Veterans who got disrespected by de Blasio are fighting back. 

“For the city to put dopeheads over vets is just dishonoring us,” said commandant of the Staten Island Marine Corps League Volker Heyde.

They also have a lawyer working on their behalf to hit back at this excuse for a man and his disrespect for vets who served our country. 

“Under the equal protection clause, it’s unconstitutional for the city to pick and choose between groups like this. There’s a clear double standard going on here,” wrote lawyer Brendan Lantry in an appeal to the NYPD.

Lantry is absolutely correct. This is a glaring double standard, and de Blasio should take note of this hypocrisy and correct it. De Blasio never shipped out overseas to fight for this country and he never put himself on the line to uphold all his so-called principles. Maybe he should have just a little bit of respect.

If it helps him out, maybe he’d be interested to know that many Black Americans also serve in our military and that he’ll be supporting Black lives by allowing veterans of all ethnicities to commemorate their service.