Vaccine Segregation is Already Starting

This situation with the vaccines is getting way out of hand. A quick look at the many negative reactions and deaths from the vaccine is enough to tell you that it’s not safe for everyone. 

Yet even more than that, it doesn’t appear to be very effective; many countries are experiencing huge surges of “breakthrough” cases in the vaccinated. What it means is that the vaccines barely seem to be working; still, various businesses are taking steps anyway to lock the unvaccinated out of goods and services. 

Welcome to Argosy Restaurant in Atlanta

Argosy Restaurant in Atlanta is only allowing vaccinated patrons to eat at their restaurant. They claim that the Delta variant makes even the vaccinated in danger and therefore the unvaccinated folks are not welcome. 

The co-owner and three staff all came down with COVID recently despite having the vaccine. Co-owner Armando Celentano says he believes the “unvaccinated” exposed him and his employees to the disease; he also said that “safety” requires him to bar anyone who hasn’t had their jab. 

Argosy can make its own decision, obviously, but this shows just how unclear the situation is around infection and the vaccine. It also brings up the obvious question: if the vaccine isn’t working for one of the main variants of COVID, then in what way is the vaccine actually working? 

Back to Lockdowns?

Senator Mitch McConnell recently told everyone to get the shot or we’re headed back to lockdowns by this fall. Restaurants not allowing the unvaccinated is one problem we’re going to be seeing more of, and masks may be back as well. 

Medical “experts” are warning even the vaccinated that it could be an idea to wear a mask even if you’ve had the shot, as you still could be spreading the Delta variant. What an absolute disaster this all is. Get ready for vaccine passports for more and more businesses like Argosy. 

What Comes Next? 

Thinking about what comes next can be genuinely worrisome. As medical fascism descends on this country, we already see what happens in places like Europe, Australia and Canada which gave up their guns: complete lockdowns, crazy liberal government intrusions and more and more pressure to get vaccines. 

This attitude of vaccine obsession is coming to America and it’s clear to see what’s unfolding.

The Delta variant and danger and unpredictability of the vaccines isn’t causing a more reasonable debate to happen; it’s causing liberals and vaccine-obsessed people to become more fanatical and pushy. 

They are full of fear and realizing the vaccine won’t necessarily protect them – including from other vaccinated people – is scaring the hell out of them. I don’t need to point to history to show you the insane things people do when they’re brainwashed and in fear. 

Take care of yourself out there.