US Tech Mogul John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison Cell

John McAfee was a lot of things to a lot of people: a tech pioneer who founded McAfee antivirus, a larger-than-life libertarian presidential candidate, and and an enemy of the US government.

He’d previously gotten a tattoo warning the government would try to whack him and saying he was being threatened.

He also tweeted out in the past that he was doing fine in Spanish jail in Barcelona where he’d made friends and was enjoying the food. 

Now, we are being told that McAfee offed himself early Wednesday after finding out he was going to be extradited to the United States on his tax fraud charges. 

‘If I Suicide Myself, I Didn’t’

McAfee was arrested by Spanish authorities in October of 2020 at El Prat airport in Spain. He had been trying to leave Spain and run away to Turkey to avoid legal problems at the time; McAfee was also wanted in the US for allegedly failing to file taxes between 2014 to 2018.  

McAfee told followers that he had lots of dirt on US intelligence officials and the government and that “if I suicide myself, I didn’t.”

Now he’s dead. 

‘I Will Eventually Be Freed’

In his last known voice message, McAfee did not sound depressed and said the US had no ability to extradite him on the bogus charges. 

Claiming he would “eventually be freed,” the tech mogul said he was not afraid; he even told people that they should also “take up the fight” cancer and insanity that were laying siege upon America.

Only hours prior to his alleged suicide, Spain’s high court ruled that McAfee would be extradited to America where he’s been charged with various tax offences that could have landed him in American jail for another three decades. 

However, this Spanish high court decision still could have been challenged. 

McAfee sold McAfee antivirus to the tech giant Intel for over $7 billion in 2011; since then, he said that most of his money was lost. McAfee responded to rumors that he’s hidden huge amounts in cryptocurrency previously by saying it’s not true. 

McAfee also explained that the tax fraud charges on him were only driven by a political agenda because he had dirt on powerful people. 

McAfee is well known for trolling online and for making outlandish claims; however, speculation is now growing about whether his claim to have a deadman’s switch in the event of his death (that would dump all the dirt he had on powerful people) is true or not. 

There’s not yet been an inquest or coroner, so why should we believe that McAfee killed himself? It seems highly likely that the info and access he had eventually caught up to him from the highest levels. 

What do readers think happened?