US State Department Shows How Clueless It is About Taliban

Our current government isn’t just bad at their job; they’re also incredibly stupid. When it comes to Afghanistan, the Biden regime abandoned thousands of Americans and pulled out without making sure the government wouldn’t fall.

Then, they let the Kabul airport turn into a warzone and got 13 of our troops and 170 Afghan civilians killed. Now, the Biden regime is showing just how unserious and idiotic it is.

Right now, the State Department is demanding that the Taliban have more gender diversity in the new Taliban government.

State Department Expresses Concern at New Taliban Government

The State Department said it’s concerned about the lack of women in the new Taliban government and lack of ideological diversity. Everyone in the new government is male and most are directly tied to the Taliban organization.

How is this surprising? They’re a males-only terrorist group that just fought a 20-year war and is now in charge. Our State Department must be joking, but they certainly don’t sound like they’re joking.

Perhaps this is just their way of trying to get under the Taliban’s skin by issuing bizarre liberal demands. However, all it actually does is make our country look clueless and as though we think we’re dealing with Belgium or something.

Of course, there are no women in the new Taliban government.

Not Enough Women in Charge

The State Department said there aren’t enough women in charge of the Taliban government and that they’re hoping things improve. The Taliban must have an “inclusive” leadership according to the State Department, which said they’re very concerned there are “no women” in the new government.

Under the non-Taliban government, women did rise to some positions of leadership in Afghanistan, including the mayor of Kabul. However, as Tucker Carlson has pointed out, the obsession with promoting women into power, gay rights, and things like this distracted from the war and also lost support among the ordinary people.

Afghanistan is a conservative country, and by not siding with that, the US lost solidarity in the fight against the Taliban. In case you think our idiotic government is alone, we can look to our European allies and see that they’re on a similar obsession.

The EU followed suit, demanding that the Taliban’s new government be “inclusive.”

The New Taliban

The Taliban might be better at social media and public relations, but they’re still the Taliban. Of course, they don’t have women in their new government. They’re not interested in “diversity.”

Perhaps the Democrats should have been more interested in winning a war than pushing “diversity” as well. Then we wouldn’t be in the current mess we’re in and have the State Department issuing embarrassing statements demanding terrorists to be nicer.

This is a slap in the face to every veteran who served in Afghanistan.