US Military Embraces Far Left Identity Politics

The United States military has six service branches.

These are the US Air Force (USAF), the US Army (USA) the US Coast Guard (USCG), the US Marine Corps (USMC), the US Navy (USN), and the US Space Force (USSF).

They have upheld the proud tradition of protecting and defending the United States for hundreds of years, with the newest addition of the USSF only put in under President Trump.

Unfortunately, not even the military is immune to the “woke” and radical left. As we saw yesterday, the USMC and USAF are bending to the far left by virtue signaling about Pride month.

Happy Pride Month From the USMC and USAF

The USMC took the chance to emphasize it treats everyone with “dignity” and posted a helmet with rainbow-colored bullets under the strap. They said they are proud of their “LGBTQ” members of the USMC.

The USAF posted a photo of a young woman saluting with a rainbow hand and forearm and the hashtag #celebratepride emblazoned on top. Their message emphasized their love of having a “diverse” fighting force in the USAF.

Not all responded well to these Pride month messages. Former Trump advisor Seb Gorka demanded USMC Commandant General David Berger resign if he “approved” the social media messaging.

Gorka said that getting involved in these kinds of messages is a “disgrace” to the USMC fallen.

Replies to the USAF pride tweet were also generally negative, with one saying they are “mainstreaming cultural Marxism,” and another person commenting “China is laughing.”

Others expressed support, including USAF vets who said they’d hide being gay during their career under the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) laws.

Military Pride

The repeal of DADT may have been a milestone for many gay service members, but these kinds of subjects shouldn’t be a focus of our military. We currently face major challenges from Russia, China, and destabilizing forces across the world.

We don’t have time or motive to divide up our military into identity groups and wade into emotional issues about sexual orientation or how we feel. The military is not about feelings; it’s about unity and solidarity.

You don’t find unity by celebrating a special month just for non-straight people. That doesn’t make sense. Unity comes from finding what we share in common and celebrating that, rather than highlighting what makes us different.

This points to a broader trend in the cultural left which is the obsession that “diversity is our strength.”

This may have an element of truth: after all, if one person is a skilled vehicle repairman and another woman is a great strategist, they can team up and be stronger together.

Though generally speaking, there’s nothing inherently wonderful about being different unless you can work together well. Focusing on sexual identity in the military is not helping people work together well.