US College Axes Professor over Mohammad Painting

In a blatant violation of the free speech clause of the First Amendment, an American institution of higher education fired one of its professors.

He dared to show his class a historical depiction of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad, which arguably hurt the feelings of a Muslim student.

Muslim Feelings Come First

Medieval-minded Islamist and Muslim propaganda have been trying to terrorize western societies for some two decades now, carrying out various acts of hostility over freedom and free speech actions in the West – such as making caricatures of Prophet Mohammad.

A case in hand has now occurred at Hamline University, a private liberal arts university based in St. Paul, Minnesota. It has kicked out a professor for doing his job by simply showing his “Islamic art” class a picture of Prophet Mohammad, Reason reported.

Even though the axing of the poor professor sparked public criticism, Hamline University did not immediately suffer legal consequences, thanks to the fact it is a private college.

The name of the axed professor was not revealed. However, as per the doctrines of today’s liberal Marxist-Communist education on college campuses, he duly prepared students for what he was about to show them because Heaven forbid they face some kind of a “trigger.”

According to the report, the professor meticulously explained Islam totally forbids any depictions of “holy persons.” He noted, however, that there wasn’t a single “monothetic Islamic culture.”

After the case blew wide open, the professor told The Oracle, Hamlin University’s newspaper, he made sure not to “surprise” his students “with this image.”

FIRE Found Way to Hold Hamline Accountable

Despite the poor teacher’s best efforts, however, Islamist propaganda didn’t miss yet another chance to take advantage of woke absurdity destroying the former gist of America’s colleges and universities.

Of course, a Muslim student in the class immediately complained to Hamlin University’s administration that a professor did his job and showed his students a historical painting.

On November 11, Hamline’s Assoc. VP of “inclusive excellence, David Everett, told the school’s newspaper that the professor had been kicked out.

The teacher was an adjunct professor, which allowed the university to ax him by not renewing his contract.

The university’s administration insisted “respect” for Muslim students in the class had to “supersede academic freedom,” an utterly idiotic statement, considering the First Amendment of the American Constitution.

History professor Amna Khalid at another Minnesota school, Carleton College, said sticking to such a principle would mean a biology professor should be banned from teaching evolution for fear of offending Evangelical Protestant students.

Luckily, the case of the fired professor has been taken up by FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression). This pro-academic freedom group insists private colleges must also defend free speech.

Last week, FIRE said it had taken the case to the Higher Learning Commission, which provides higher education accreditation to Hamline University.

FIRE executive Alex Morey, the group’s campus rights director, said in a release that Hamline hadn’t listened to free speech advocates, but now it will “have to listen” to its “accreditor.”