US-China War Warnings Are Rapidly Piling Up

Warnings that America may go to war with communist China are piling up after a high-profile politician – former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – supported an Air Force general’s prediction.

He urged the US military to get ready for the upcoming fight.

Decades of US-China Tensions

US-China tensions have spiked since the current Chinese communist dictator, Xi Jinping, came to power in 2012 and abandoned his predecessors’ relatively benevolent foreign and military policies.

Xi has been especially belligerent concerning Taiwan. This is the self-ruling, prosperous, and democratic island of 23 million people.

While Taiwan – officially “the Republic of China” – acts as an independent nation and is an informal US ally, it has not proclaimed a declaration of independence from Beijing. Xi has threatened to “reunify” Taiwan with China by force if he has to.

At the end of last week, Gen. Mike Minihan, who commands the Air Mobility Command of the US Air Force, sent out a memo to his subordinates, saying he had a “gut feeling” that America would have to fight China over Taiwan in 2025.

Then, he ordered his command to carry out exercises and other measures in order to prepare for that war.

According to Minihan, both Taiwan and the US would be “distracted” by the presidential elections they hold in 2024, which would give Xi’s China an opening to target the island for capture.

The Air Mobility Command, which contains 50,000 service personnel and almost 500 planes, is responsible for transporting and refueling US troops worldwide.

Kabul Joe’s Administration Might Not Be Up to the China Challenge

Some Republican lawmakers already backed Gen. Minihan’s assessment of an upcoming war with China, but blamed it on the “weakness” that Biden has been projecting since he abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorists in 2021.

This is believed to have encouraged Russia’s tyrant Vladimir Putin to start his botched invasion of Ukraine, a vast war that has been going on for 11 months.

Pompeo supported the forecast that the US might go to war with China. He told Breitbart News he hadn’t seen Gen. Mike Minihan’s memo. However, he declared the point the general made was “very well taken.”

Later, Pompeo said the Chinese Communist Party “has been at war” with America for the past 40 years, at least in economic terms.

Pompeo complained the US government had been “rolling over” and “turning the other cheek” in that standoff, which allowed the Chinese to take advantage and establish their country’s economy “on the American workers’ back.”

He even declared he was glad to learn about Gen. Minihan’s memo since he also shared the view that the US military must be prepared to fight China.

The former CIA director said he couldn’t tell whether a war would erupt in 2024, 2025, or at another point.

However, he insisted all of America’s systems had to be ready and the nation should work with its allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region, such as Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, the Philippines, and so on.

Pompeo said he hoped the Biden administration would be up to the challenge and they seemed to be “working on it” but, unfortunately, not quickly “or seriously enough.”