US-China War to Erupt in 2025, Air Force General Predicts

A general from the US Air Force predicted the United States and Communist China will go to war in 2025; he sent out his prediction in a memo to his officers to urge them to prepare for it.

Taiwan Question Will Cause 2025 US-China War

Political tensions between the United States and China have been brewing in recent years, especially since Xi Jinping became president of the People’s Republic in 2012.

He adopted a course of foreign policy assertiveness, boosting Chinese military power, cracking down on pro-democracy movements and ethnic minorities, and vowing to retake the island of Taiwan, by force if necessary.

While the points of conflict between America and China range from trade and currency manipulation issues to trade and democracy, a potential Chinese attempt to conquer Taiwan may be the most explosive issue.

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, with a population of 23 million, was created by Chinese nationalists who fled the mainland in 1949 after losing the civil war with Mao Zedong’s Communists.

As Taiwan has emerged as a wealthy and democratic de facto independent country, without explicitly declaring independence, the US spent decades hinting it may come to the Taiwanese’s aid in an attack by Communist China, which claims the island as its province.  

2021 was an agitated year; the Xi regime of Communist China kept sending swarms of warplanes and warships to violate Taiwan’s air space and maritime zone.

‘Unrepentant Lethality’

In a memo that Gen. Minihan sent to the officers under his command at the end of last week, he states his “gut tells” him America and China “will fight in 2025,” NBC News reported.

The US Air Force general states his hopes that he will be “wrong,” but he forecasts that China’s President Xi Jinping will have a chance to “move” his desire to grab Taiwan in 2025.

According to Minihan, that will be because both the United States and Taiwan will hold presidential votes in 2024, leaving them “distracted.”

He states his goal is to prepare for the 2025 US-China war by establishing a Joint Force Maneuver Team that will be “fortified, ready, integrated, and agile.”

The team in question would be expected to “fight and win” within the so-called “first island chain” off the coast of mainland China, which includes Taiwan. 

Gen. Minihan instructed all his officers to report to him by February 28 on their actions to prepare for a war with China. 

He also commanded his personnel to “fire a clip” into “a seven-meter target” and “aim for the head” because of the need for “unrepentant lethality.”

The AMC commander urged his personnel to take risks concerning their training. He also directed them to prepare to tackle commercial drone swarms. 

The authenticity of the general’s memo was confirmed by an AMC spokesperson. Still, a Defense Department official commented the prediction that America and the PRC would go to war in 2025 was “not representative” of the Pentagon’s “view on China.”