US Border Swarmed in Shocking Footage

America’s immigration system has been in shambles and is getting worse with the Biden administration running things. Data from the Department of Homeland Security very much shows an uptick in illegal immigration ever since Biden came into office.

At each and every turn, this president has resisted calls to tighten security at the southern border. However, he’s certainly lashed out against Republican governors who employed their own much-needed measures to drive down illegal immigration rates.

Now, once more on Biden’s watch, another disaster at the southern border has taken place, according to the Daily Mail.

Shocking Footage Shows Border Checkpoint Swarmed

At the southern border, there are various checkpoints designed to manage who is coming into our country. Though just this past weekend, one of the checkpoints near El Paso came under attack.

Startling video footage shows migrants rushing toward the checkpoint closest to the Paso Del Norte Bridge with the intention of getting into the United States. Though ultimately, these folks didn’t get what they wanted, thanks to US Border Patrol officers and military officials from Mexico.

However, the fact that such an endeavor was even attempted goes to show how far border security has fallen. There may also be future efforts by some migrants to storm border checkpoints and literally force their way into America.

The United States Reacts

Even since Sunday’s incident of migrants trying to illegally push their way into El Paso, the Biden administration has not announced any upgrades to border security.

The president and his administration hardly even acknowledge that issues exist at the southern border, barring their criticisms of various Republican officials who seek to rectify the issue.

It is for this reason that border state governors, such as Greg Abbott of Texas, are having to take action. It’s also why Republican governors have been giving illegal immigrants free of charge transit to various sanctuary cities run by Democrats who favor illegal entry.

Though last year, Americans saw Democrats change their tune on this, once migrants began personally arriving in their communities. This led to Democrats and others who have criticized GOP immigration reforms being labeled as hypocrites.

Biden continues to come under fire for what much of the country deems to be an inappropriate, nonchalant attitude toward securing the border and upholding immigration laws.

The now-viral footage of migrants rushing to enter El Paso from Mexico only further emphasizes just how out of control this entire mess has become.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.